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Well, after 4 years lurking in the darkest corners of YARS, it's probably about time I updated this profile. I'm Ben, one of the senior editors here, and outside of scribbling on here, editing and finding pwetty pics to put in reviews, I'm studying 'Game Cultures' at uni. That's...that's game development in simpler terms, I don't spend my time analysing pixelated toes to determine whether they're 'art' or not. Anyway, I generally write to either save people money on utter crud or at least make them smile in some wry way with my bitterness and general disdain. If you're not laughing with me, you're laughing at me, and hey, that's progress in my books. :)

Warp yourself back to a time where good and evil were such simple pleasures with ‘Fable: Anniversary

As the biggest-selling RPG on the original Xbox 360, “Fable” pioneered every player’s choice of having a consequence. The world of Albion inspired gamers to fall in love with a franchise for a decade and…

Worried and vain enough to think your 360 will look rubbish come Xbox One time? Sleeker edition on its way

An altogether prettier Xbox 360 is available for you to fetch and tide you over before the release of the Xbox One. Shipping to the U.S., U.K., Canada, Ireland and Australia, you can fetch one almost…