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Add some more predicaments for 'The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing' with free scenario DLC. - VanHelsing ScenarioDLC 02

Add some more predicaments for ‘The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing’ with free scenario DLC.

If you’ve invested in NeoCoreGames’ The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, you’re in for a nice treat.  The new Scenario DLC offers up two new levels for players, both of which at the cost of absolutely nothing.

The Scenario DLC enables players to fight high-level monsters that are above the level 30 threshold throughout the new levels reachable from the Secret Lair. Additional levels will be added to the Scenario DLC throughout the year along with unique in-game items and spectacular boss fights. After future updates, players will earn ’’Heroic Deeds” to boost their character to an even more legendary status as they slay the mysterious threats to the world of Borgovia.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing pits players in fierce battles against familiar supernatural foes in a one-of-a-kind action-RPG. Following the journey of  Van Helsing, son of the famed vampire hunter, players can partake in an immersive cooperative multiplayer or single player campaign to watch the engrossing dark storyline unfold. A tale wrought with wry humor and snappy dialogue, the dark adventure presents larger-than-life obstacles to overcome yet delivers a romantic charm of the fantastical 19th century Europe.

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