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Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Review (DS) - 973 KHR2

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Review (DS)

Fans of the series will get the most out of Re:Coded, but it’s not for all RPG fans

Ever since 2002 the Kingdom Hearts series has been a huge success worldwide with a mix of Final Fantasy and Disney characters put together into one RPG game. Since then the series has sold over a million copies and left many hints and mysteries on what will happen next in the Kingdom Hearts universe, especially for those who are still waiting for a Kingdom Hearts III.

Kingdom Hearts Re:codedHowever the newest instalment in the Kingdom Hearts series is Re:coded which is not KH3 but a remake of the Mobile phone version which was only released in Japan around 2008 with 8 episodes for Coded. Around during E3 2010 it was announced as a remake for the Nintendo DS with some new features and surprises added in.

The story however may be a little confusing for some people, but this is more of a game dedicated to hardcore fans or have been following the series. The story takes place just after the events of Kingdom Hearts II, where it follows Jimmy Cricket, King Mickey, Donald and Goofy.

There were two journals one of them was based on Sora’s adventure and the other was an empty journal with a mysterious message saying “Their hurting will be mended when you return to end it”, Mickey tries in uncovering the truth about the hidden message and enters the data world in the journal. However it gets corrupted and overrun by bugs, so it’s up to the Data version of Sora who was inside the journal to get rid of those bugs and find out the truth about the message.

Gameplay: If you’ve played the series before you should have no problem playing your way through Re:coded, one the plus sides is that players will be able to play as Sora once again who is almost everyone’s favourite character.. If you have played the first Kingdom Hearts you’ll be travelling though the same worlds that were in KH1 like Traverse Town, Wonderland, Olympus Coliseum and Hollow Bastion. The battle system however is a little similar to Birth by Sleep’s battle system where can create your own commend deck and level up your attacks and magic skills.

If you’ve been a fan of the series you will most likely be getting the most out of this game

You can also mix abilities and attacks together to create new commands, quite a clever idea because I really liked the battle system that was used in Birth by Sleep. Another new feature to Re:coded is the Stat Matrix where you can add micro chips to the board to make Sora stronger and have better defences and attacks; however the Stat Matrix board looks a little similar to the Licence/Scrabble board which was used in Final Fantasy XII. However you can even unlock cheats which can increase or lower the difficulty for better items to drop, and increase your chances to gaining decent prizes which could become handy.

During your progress in Re:coded you’ll be tackling bugs and finding glitches within each world, once you’ve found the source of the glitches you’ll be able to go through its glitch world and take out the bugs that are causing the problem. There are also challenges in the glitch worlds where you can gain more SP points. If you don’t you can still earn them and exchange them for various items or microchips.

Also during each world you’ll be thrown into different types of gameplay before reaching the end boss battle. You could be in a 2D side-scrolling platformer or the gameplay is turned into a 2D style battle system a little similar to the old Final Fantasy games on retro consoles.

Kingdom Hearts Re:codedAnother feature which has been added to the DS and was used in the Mobile version is the Avatar menu. Where you can create your own Kingdom Hearts avatars and share them with your friends who have a copy of this game, if you do know anyone that has a copy of this game you can share your avatars and receive messages to get scratch cards by scratching a 2 characters to gain rewards. Tag mode is used for floor codes with other players and going through various floor challenges in the glitch worlds.

Graphics and Sound: Graphics are well detailed and look a little similar to Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Most dialog cutscenes are a little similar to what we’ve seen in the World Ends With You but without the funky anime art and stunning visuals.

Most of the graphics are well detailed from the Glitches Data worlds, to its original worlds that were in the first Kingdom Hearts. However I would say that there were one or two problems within Re:Coded, one of them was re-visiting the same worlds over and over again and all do feel a little smaller than they were used to be. I would say that its fans may get a little sick re-visiting the same worlds again when we could’ve had new worlds instead.

Kingdom Hearts Re:codedBut your biggest problem which you’ll find really annoying is the camera control, especially frustrating around boss fights in which the camera can go a little crazy. You can use the R button to view your surroundings or use the touch screen to control the camera; the target-lock however doesn’t really help you that much as it could make the camera go even more crazy if you’re having problems against a boss.

The soundtrack has a few reworks but that’s only for the Glitch world which you’ll be entering at random times, but if you’ve been a fan of the series you’ll be hearing some classic theme tunes and battle music once again.

But the Theme song Simple and Clean returns again which I think is getting a little repetitive and would have been nice if there was a new Theme song for the series instead of re-using the old ones over and over.

Overall: If you’re new to the series I wouldn’t suggest Re Coded because the story itself can be a little confusing and you may get totally lost along the way. If you’ve been a fan of the series you will most likely be getting the most out of this game. Beating the main story can take you up to 15 hours or less, depending on how much you want to get out of Re:Coded.

The Good: New gameplay features are smart and clever, Some challenges can be fun and addictive, Avatar Menu is cute and charming.
The Bad: Annoying Camrea, Target-Lock doesn’t really help, Most worlds feel small, Confussing Story.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Kingdom Hearts Re:coded 

Bronze Y AwardBronze Y Award
3.5 3.5 / 5

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