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LittleBigPlanet Review (PS3)

Once you start playing this game, you don’t want to come off it.

Remeber when you were a kid and you’d kept drawing on your notebook in school and always wanted to create your own video game. Well I guess your dreams have come for most gamers at least who will finally have a chance to do that.

You’d be wondering how many hours have they poured through creating a level

At E3 2007 , the most anticipated game was a platformer from Sony called LittleBigPlanet.The main reason being, was that LBP was a game where you can be creative and let your mind go wild by creating your own levels. You can also create and play using your very own Sackboy/Sackgirl (who looks set to become Sonys latest icon).

Gameplay= At the very start of the game you will have an introduction level welcoming you to the game with basic , but enjoyable tutorial.The game also has sixaxis that lets you tilt the movement around your sack character by looking up, down, left right. You can use the directional buttons to switch the moods of your character,up for happy and down for sad.You can alsohave your character scared and worried or have your character grumpy and moody.

LittleBigPlanetGameplay wise, what we have here is esentially a 2d platformer with bags of style and charm. Anyone into thier retro gaming will have a field day here. Now moving on to story mode you are playing through 8 countries from around the world, first you’re at a Castle/Fantasy level then the next part your in India. Levels are not exactly taxing, but it can be a challenge for most gamers who want to earn all them lovely trophies as one of the hardest to get asks you to complete the whole game with out dying once. Also it will take a lot of practice to finish a level while collecting all prize bubbles.

LittleBigPlanet has a few puzzle elements such placing certain stickers on certain parts of the scenery to trigger a response to allow you to continue as well as playing through mini games which are fun and addictive.

Graphics and Sound=

For most levels you’ve got a great amount of detail and a lot of imagination if you think about it. You’d be wondering how many hours have they poured through creating a level, especially when many hours of your own toil produces nothing close to the developers ingeniuos level design. The 8 countries on story mode are based on different countries such as Europe Africa, Mexico, Japan, or America. As you travel through each country you can dress up your sack character in a costume suited to the level….or just make them look as stupid as possible!
Every week on the Playstation Network there will be outfits you can buy for your character like a Chimera outfit from Resistance series or Kratos from God of War.

The music for the game has been well used for each theme but some tracks become repetitive.there will be one or two tracks you’ll like listening too and you can use the music for your own level if you plan on making one. For most items and enemies you’ve got a lot of sound effects like a music notes, animal noises or comedy voicing.

You’ve even got Stephen Fry who does most of the narration, a reprise of his role as the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and threatens to steal the show. Stephen Fry’s voice blends perfectly with the games style and makes the tutorials a joy not a chore.

Overall= Story mode can take you up to six hours to beat or longer if you want to get everything. The real challenge in LittleBigPlanet is creating your own level which can take you hours to make.The tutorials are a must before you dive into the creation part of the game.But if your one of those hardcore gamers and want to create a perfect level this can take many hours, with lots of trial and error to perfect.

LittleBigPlanetYou would have to play through story mode in order to get more objects which you can use to make your own level. You can also play through community levels meaning you play through your friend’s levels , (or even complete strangers levels, if you so wish)and earn more objects which you can use. Online can be really fun. Also for most level, it is impossible to get 100% completion without the aid of another sack person, yep, co-op is essential, not just an add on.

If you have a playstation eye camera for your PS3 (or even an old PS2 eye toy camera) you can take your own photos and use them as stickers and decorate your pod room making it feel like home.

The only thing I found bad about the game was when you’re playing multiplayer with your friends the camera does seem to go walkabout and you can struggle knowing where you’re going to go next.

But for most gamers who have played through games from the 80’s and 90’s yes there’s a lot of user levels that have been remade like you can play through Green Hill Zone from Sonic 1, a God of War level and even aShadow of the Colossus based level.

But overall this is one of those games you should seriously own. This game has classic platforming fun for all ages, and for all you budding level designers out there, make sure your creative juices are flowing.

The Good: Incredibly varied and imaginative levels, Excellent musical score and narration, Immense customisation and creativity potential, High replayability factor.
The Bad: It can take you hours to create a perfect level, Camera struggles in multiplayer, It can take a lot of practice trying to beat the game without dying once.

LittleBigPlanet LittleBigPlanet LittleBigPlanet LittleBigPlanet LittleBigPlanet 

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