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LittleBIGPlanet gets the Simply Knitting treatment (PS3) - 1662 sackboy

LittleBIGPlanet gets the Simply Knitting treatment (PS3)

Simply Knitting, the UK’s leading knitting magazine has ventured into new territory, and in a flash of cross-genre inspiration is bringing the star of LittleBIGPlanet ‘Sackboy’ to life!

LittleBIGPlanet gets the Simply Knitting treatmentPerfect for both gamers and knitters, the cute star of LittleBIGPlanet has been given the full treatment by Alan Dart, the hugely popular designer of knitted toys – described as “the Grand Theft Auto of knitting” by Dan Dawkins, Editor of Future games magazine PSM3.

Tying in with the launch of Sony’s groundbreaking new PlayStation 3 game, the unofficial pattern will help you bring to life the knitted hero, building on the game’s near limitless potential for players creating and sharing their own custom-designed objects, ideas and levels.

Sackboy can be completely customised and accessorised within the game, so once you’ve got your knitted Sackboy all sewn up you can photograph your finest creation with your PlayStation Eye to put it into the game itself! Simply Knitting’s very own Sackboy can be seen indulging in a spot of the woollen craft!

On sale now, the knitted toy matches the digital version right down to the fingers, so there should be just enough time to knit a Sackboy for the gamer in your life!
Future’s sister titles Official PlayStation3, PSM3 and GamesMaster will also be featuring Simply Knitting’s knitted wonder in their issues, on sale in December.

Debora Bradley, Editor of Simply Knitting said, “Sackboy will be tremendously popular and this is the perfect time of year to knit the little chap. Knitting and customising him means that he will be utterly unique and a very cool accessory. We’re very lucky to have him in the magazine and we hope that he’ll help to increase the already sizable crossover between the great communities of gamers and knitters, online or not.”

Issue 49 of Simply Knitting is on sale now, priced at 4.49.

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