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Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation (360)

Xbox LiveŽ Market Place Downloadable Content 20 December 2007

King of Fighters XII King of Fighters XII 

Ace Combat 6: Fires of LiberationMirage2000-5 ? SCARFACE EMBLEM ? (Free)
The heroes of Ace Combat 2, Scarface Squadron Aircraft. This aircraft’s armour has been reinforced at the expense of stability. With the main military force unable to respond, the mercenary tactical strike force, Scarface, was entrusted to rescue the Usean continent from the hands of a brutal military coup d’etat.

F-22A Raptor ? MOBIUS ? (200 Microsoft Points)
The Heroes of Ace Combat: Distant Thunder, Mobius Squadron Aircraft. Fated with single handedly maintaining air superiority, this aircraft’s armaments know no parallel. However, necessary reduction of armour has resulted in low damage control. A lone pilot, Mobius’ battle record exceeded that of an entire squadron.

F-15E Strike Eagle ? CIPHER ? (200 Microsoft Points)
The hero of Ace Combat: The Belkan War, Cipher’s Aircraft. This aircraft’s armour has been lightened to facilitate greater fire power. Fully customized preemptive striking capabilities place this fighter at the forefront of any battle. As the leader of the Republic of Ustio’s Mercenary Galm Unit, Cipher’s overwhelming fighting skills amidst the escalating conflict quickly earned him the moniker, “The Demon of the Round Table”. Both feared and respected, his was the path of a true ace.

F-15E Strike Eagle ? PIXY ? (200 Microsoft Points)
Ace Combat: The Belkan War, Wingman Pixy Aircraft. Armour has been lightened to increase stability. With an array of counterstrike customizations, this aircraft can immediately adapt to changes on the battlefield. The Republic of Ustio’s Mercenary Galm Unit No. 2, “Pixy” nearly lost his left wing during combat, but miraculously completed the mission and returned to base, earning him the name “Solo Wing Pixy”. He continued his military career earning numerous accolades as Cipher’s wingman.

A-10A ThunderBoltⅡ ? XMAS ? (200 Microsoft Points)
Holiday Aircraft. Seemingly unaffected by gravity, even during inverted flight, exceptional aerodynamic performance is achieved at the expense of this aircraft’s otherwise characteristic durability. This is an A-10A of a different breed.

F-117A Night Hawk ? THE IDOLMASTER YUKIHO ? (400 Microsoft Points)
THE IDOLMASTER, Yukiho Hagiwara Aircraft. A little on the shy side, this aircraft boasts impressive moves when trying its best. It’s up to you to make this star shine!

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