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Superman Returns Review (PS2) -

Superman Returns Review (PS2)

Poor copy of yet another film ripoff

When I got this game to try, I thought it was gonna be another spiderman copy??I was kind of right, but still good fun none the less.

Now, if you want to take the role of the supervillain, then don’t bother playing as it’s the all-american hero Superman who gets the credit?..but you cant be bad all the time, even if you may want to be!!!!

ultimately ends up being another far-from-super release.

Superman Returns: The videogame is yet another attempt to deliver a game worthy of the Last Son of Krypton. It has some genuinely cool elements, but ultimately ends up being another far-from-super release.

Weve seen these games before?..but at least with Spidey, we got to spin a web to catch an enemy, with Superman what you get is a caped crusader flying through the streets kicking and puching all those baddies in his path?..I know what you’re saying right now?.same old, same old, and unfortunately you’d be right.

Your initial introduction to the Man of Steel is an underwhelming one — a clunky PSOne-and-a-half-looking title screen. Our hero is staring zombie-like into Metropolis, his legs and flipper-like hands moving stiffly and unnaturally.

Superman ReturnsA couple of loading screens and a cutscene later, you finally get to hit the streets, and things get better — briefly. A tap of the triangle button puts you in flight and the first time you take to the air will definitely put a smile on your face. Flight uses both analog sticks, the left stick for moving forward and backwards and the right for pitching and banking, and this gives you an incredible amount of control. Eventually, you’re given the ability to move at hyperspeeds — up to 800 mph — and given the huge playing field that you’re allowed, this gets crazy fun. As disappointing as this game is, the ability to literally fly up alongside a skyscraper at mach speed is a serious gaming rush.

But that’s where the fun ends I’m afraid?..

The Good: You get to be a good guy
The Bad: You dont get to be a bad guy

Superman Returns Superman Returns Superman Returns Superman Returns Superman Returns 

1.5 1.5 / 5

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