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Motorstorm Review (PS3)

Get your motor running……


When I first got my PS3 I had to buy this game, and boy was it worth it. The first time I had a go, I thought WOW, doesn’t it look real, and it does even 5 months down the line, with mud churning up, and smoke getting in your eyes?(said it was realistic!).

But?..I found it really hard!!!! I went hell for leather round the track, but ended up still 2nd to last?..very disappointing with a gamer of my standard (yawn?..), but on playing a few times (ok, a few hours later), I was getting the hang of things and managed a cool 3rd place!!!!

Motorstorm is by far the best game in my opinion on PS3 to date (its not hard with a lack of decent games available?) but after you’ve beaten a few dudes, and crashed a few times, theres not much else that you could say is value for money. Online gaming is a plus, and as usual its even harder to beat against NORMAL gamers than a console sprite, but what else?

Overall, this game deserves a good few hours play.

However, although this may disappoint some gamers, the overall game does not. With different vehicles on one track at the same time it makes thing interesting. From racing bikes to big rigs the overall concept of the came is so cool. Don’t worry that youre going to crash and burn when a huge truck collides with your ickle two wheeler though because ATV’s, buggys and bikes can take a higher route, looming over all the big trucks and eventually gaining the upper hand!

Some of the vehicles can be a drag on certain tracks, but with so many to choose from, who cares? Its best to find a vehicle that you kick ass with and stick to it however because you can be 1st place on 1 track then decide that you fancy being a trucker on the next and finish last cause you were too over keen at trying something different.

Motorstorm Overall, this game deserves a good few hours play, and with your mates, you’ll get a lot of fun, but if you’re gonna get this game to play, play and play again, stick to Ridge Racer 7??

Start your engines!!!!

The Good: a huge range of vehicles to choose from, online play
The Bad: not much to it after you’ve crashed a few times

Motorstorm Motorstorm Motorstorm Motorstorm Motorstorm 

Gold Y AwardGold Y Award
4.5 4.5 / 5

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