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SEGA Rally

The introduction of SEGA Rally? to the arcades in 1995 had the single biggest impact on the racing genre. Subsequent console rally games concentrated on a realistic simulation of the sport but their popularity, reflecting in sales, steadily dropped over the last decade. Now, SEGA Rally is back and set to reinvigorate the genre with the vital ingredients that many of the modern racers lack ? fun, character and beauty, with few rally games able to match its unique and rewarding experience. Rally’s dead, long live SEGA Rally.

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SEGA RallyAlpine Environment
It’s a crystal clear day high amongst the mountains. With views stretching to the horizon and miles of twisting roads and tracks, what better way than to spend it with the throttle pressed firmly to the floor? Whilst challenging five other cars in high speed races across tarmac and worn roads, through newly settled snow, over slush and dirty tracks the Alpine environment offers players many glorious track variations to get to grips with. Players will also discover that the Alpine environment is host to numerous details from graceful gliders flying on the thermals, to trains roaring over bridges, just as you’d expect to find on any Alpine mountain pass.

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