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BioShock Review (360)

Best xbox 360 game ever made

Whatta game?..Really,you just have to buy this game if you have a 360?..Tough luck if you aint, I`m afraid because this is the best game so far in 2007 and for the 360, like ever!

Now firstly, I normally hate firstperson shooters because, well, I just cant get the hang of them tell you the truth, hated halo, hated gears of war etc etc?..I know what youre saying to yourself, Gears of war was the best 360 shoot em up right? Wrong.

Every thing about this game spells class.

Even in the opening scenes, I KNEW I’d love this game, set in the 1960’s it has all the aura of an ‘under the sea’ fantasia, with a twist?.no cutsey sprites here, its all weird and wonderful folks!

BioShock opens with a bang, but the overall plot focuses more on making an emotional impact than an explosive one. The year is 1960, and you’re flying over the Atlantic Ocean. One mysterious plane crash later, you’re floating in the water, apparently the lone survivor, surrounded by the flaming wreckage of the aircraft. But there’s a lighthouse on a tiny island just at the edge of your view. Who in their right mind would put a lighthouse this far out? You swim closer and discover a small submersible called a bathysphere waiting to take you underwater.

BioShockAfter catching a breathtaking view of what’s below, you’re sent into the secret underwater city of Rapture. Masterminded by a somewhat megalomaniacal businessman named Andrew Ryan, this city is driven by its own idea of total freedom, with capitalism completely unhindered by governmental meddling and science unhinged from the pesky morals of organized religion. Sounds like the perfect society, right? Well, even before you step out of your bathysphere and into the city, it becomes obvious that everything has gone horribly wrong down here. The city is trashed, and genetic freaks called splicers roam around, attacking anything that gets in front of them. At the heart of the matter is a powerful, corrupting substance called ADAM, which makes all this genetic tinkering possible and allows you to get your first plasmid power, the ability to shoot lightning out of your fingertips.

Every thing about this game spells class, the atmosphere is as electric as what comes out of your fist dude!

Please oh please do Bioshock 2??my name will be first on the list to get it!

The Good: easy startup, pretty quick loading times
The Bad: there isnt any!

BioShock BioShock BioShock BioShock BioShock 

Diamond Y AwardDiamond Y Award
5 5 / 5

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