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Girls get their voices heard with re-launch of Gamer Girls Radio - big y

Girls get their voices heard with re-launch of Gamer Girls Radio

13th March 2007 ? ( The first ever of it’s kind, all female podcast, Gamer Girls Radio, re-launches today with a new home and fresh new look.

YARSThe new site will host a variety of features including, news and reviews from various community driven, female oriented websites, blogs and more.

Gamer Girls Radio, debuted on the gaming website, in 2006 and has since gained an underground following in the gaming community with male and female gamers alike.

The show hosts: Dangerdoll, Batgirl and Gameinatrix Cori, plan to host an event dubbed the Gamer Girls Radio Pajama Party, this summer. ?This event will be great for both gamers AND developers,? says Dangerdoll, ?Developers are constantly trying to figure out how to market to women. This event will allow developers to go right to the source and ASK what it is that female gamers would like to see.?

?This also allows us to reach out to our fellow gamers in the community. So many people are starting to focus on the glitz and glamour of gaming that they completely overlook the community.? Says Batgirl ?The community is where this all began and we should not be ignored.?

?Though we are a female oriented show, we don’t aim to alienate our male counterparts, only to give voice to the female community AND give our female developers a spot in which to showcase their talents, says Gameinatrix Cori, also webmistress of “We also hope to let other women know that the a career in the gaming industry is a viable career choice. In short, we’d like to see more women making AND playing games.?

Gamer Girls Radio will launch today, with previously un-aired episodes featuring Trixie of Xbox/Gamer ChiX fame and the women of Foundation 9 Entertainment. Archives featuring interviews with gaming celebs such as Tommy Tallarico, will be made available for download via the main site and iTunes in coming weeks.

New episodes of Gamer Girls Radio will air every Monday.

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