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Dawn of Magic - Preview play test (PC) - 82 dom1

Dawn of Magic – Preview play test (PC)

RPG magic fest from Koch Media, with some refreshingly unique features. So put on your best cloth boots and cape and enter the world of Dawn of Magic.

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Dawn of Magic - Preview play testWell, this is new to me. I have never been sent preview code before, so you will have to bear with me!
Dawn of Magic is, for the most part, a single player RPG in the vein of Diabalo. It is not interested in being WoW, which is nice!
You must choose from one of four unlikely looking heroes to do battle with the evil Modo in his quest to destroy the world. Once you have chosen your character, you must choose an alignment. Good, evil or neutral. These all have an effect on how other NPCs will react to you in the game.

But this is a preview, not a review. So what can you expect from this? Well, all of your usual RPGing is catered for. Item collection, crafting, trade, fighting and spells are all present and correct.

However, as mentioned, this has some unique twists in store. First off is the ability to mix magic. You have a vast array of magic spells that can be learned and then upgraded. But unlike other RPGs, you can actually mix 2 spells together to get a greater effect. For instance. Mix a fireball spell with Lightening and you will get a fireball that on impact with fire a bolt of lightening. Or mix poison mastery into a fireball spell and you will have poisonousness fireballs!

Another feature that really impressed me was the character morphing. Although you start of with a fairly boring run of the mill character, as you play and use magic you will start to morph. An example of this is if you are contantly using earch spells. The first thing you notice is twigs growing out of you. After continued use you will actually begin to look like a tree!! Now that you don’t see very often!

The graphics are good, with a very artistic feel.
There are a few control niggles at the moment with many not mapped where the tutorial says they should be, but I imagine this will be sorted by the time it is released.

All in all this looks like it will be a great RPG, with just enough twists to help it stand out from the crowd. Expect a full review when it is release in the next couple of months!

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