Grim Fandango Review (PC)

retro or what!

I just bought this a couple of days ago. I am a huge fan of the Monkey Island games, and as this is from the same developer, I thought I would give it a try
all I can say is WOW!
A truly classic game albeit not as amusing as the monkey island games, but still challenging for all levels of gamers.

It is basically an adventure puzzle game set in ‘The Land Of The Dead’
After death, a person must take a 4 year journey through the land of the dead to reach the 9th underworld, a heaven of sorts, and depending on how they led their lives, they may be elligeble for helf during this journey, e.g a sports car or a coveted ticket on the no. 9 train.

Manny Calivera is a travel agent, selling packages to help the dead on their journey. He used to be the best salesman in the office, until rival domonic arrives and ends up getting all of the good contracts. Manny is puzzled, and sets off on a whirlwind quest to uncover this conspiricy against him.

The Good: A truly classic game, funny, amusing and challenging
The Bad: identification system takes a bit of getting used to
some puzzles are near impossible to fathon (without a walkthrough)

Grim Fandango Grim Fandango Grim Fandango Grim Fandango Grim Fandango 

Gold Y AwardGold Y Award
4.5 4.5 / 5

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