Day of the tentacle Review (PC)

2D gaming at its best

What can I say, one of my favourite games even as we brink on the edge of 2007
one of the most ingenious games I have ever played, highly recommended to everyone.

a mad scientist creates two mutant tentacles as pets. One day, one of these tentacles decides to drink from the scientists toxic waste supply and drive himself insane and hell bent on taking over the world. He uses another of the professor’s inventions (The Chron-O’-John, ironicaly disguised as a high tech toilet) to travel back in time and cause havok.
3 teenagers transport into different areas of time when they are sent back to turn off the toxic waste machine before the tentacle drinks it, and have to find some way back to the present to stop the tentacle’s invasion of mankind.

This is one of those classics that if you can find, will provide you with hours of entertainment.
Classic masterpiece

The Good: awesome gameplay, genuinely hilarious
ingenious plot, funny characters
a masterpiece!
The Bad: point and click, some may find it old fashioned

Day of the tentacle Day of the tentacle Day of the tentacle 

Diamond Y AwardDiamond Y Award
5 5 / 5

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