Gun Review (PC)

Gun – The wild West

Being a Medal of Honour and Call of Duty player from their inception I was pleasantly surprised when given a copy of Gun as a gift.

The gameplay is as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. You assume the role of Colton White, brought up in the mountains of the Wild West. Without spoiling the storyline Colton is wronged as goes on a quest to bring about justice.

The controls are configerable to your own comfort for both mouse and keyboard. On top of the usual forward, backward strafe and lean controls, you have attack controls which include a quick draw, melee zoom, switch weapons, throw weapons, grab and talk.

The map is large so the use of a horse is essential for the impatient player, luckly enough there are plenty available.

The gameplay is simple and aiming is relively easy compared to some games. There are lots of little side missions which you can choose to take part in, some of which will enhance your stature for use later in the game. You can help by riding for the pony express, become a bounty hunter or just chill with a game of cards in one of the saloons.

Unlike some games you are not restricted to following a pre designated path, for the most part you are free to wonder the map as you please.

The only dissappointing thing about this game is that is a single player only. I feel if Activision had made a multiplayer version it would have been awesome, certainly a break away from the WW2 and space age weaponry and transportation, which gives this game a unique look and feel.

Highly recommended for those that want a little reprieve from the multiplayer FPS’s.

The Good: Clear Graphics and easy gameplay
The Bad: Only single player available

Gun Gun Gun Gun 

Silver Y AwardSilver Y Award
4 4 / 5

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