Shadow Of The Colossus Review (PS2)

Who knew empty spaces could be so good!

This is like no other game out!
It may not be for everyone.

But it was for me. You start with a beautiful cut scene, that really tells you very little, but looks great.

After some talking and some mood setting it is time to venture out and kill 1 of 16 colossi. The reasons are a bit strange but you are off to kill who cares!!

You call your trusty horse and ride out into the vast landscape and start looking for you foe.

The hills roll past you and the mountain you must climb looms.

After some platform style play you hear it. The music, the huge thumping footsteps…then there it is the first colossus. Hundreds of times bigger than anything you have seen in any other game.

This took my breath away!!

The game its self is a simple affair. Find colossus, find its weak spots, kill it, repeat. But it never gets boring. Each colossi is different and needs different tactics as the fly about or dive under water with you clinging on for all you are worth.

It is hard to fully explain the feeling you get as you are climbing up a 10 story giant trying to stab it in the head, while all the time it bucks and shakes to get rid of you.
Or the mixed emotion as you finally kill it and watch a heart wrenching cut scene of it dieing.

There are no little bad guys. This is all down to the 16 end of level style colossi.

The story seems to revolve around a girl that you are trying to bring back to life. You have taken her to a temple where some being tells you that you can ressurect her, but first you must kill the colossi. It is all a bit vague, but this adds to the feeling of being lost!
Each time you kill a colossus you are taken back to the temple and start again.

Controls are responsive and simple. Some camera angle problems, but these are dealt with by using the Center on colossus button.

You are able to jump, climb and roll. Climbing relies on a clever grip system. You hang on to a beasts hair or a ridge in their armour and your grip meter slowly goes down. When it runs out you fall!!

You have 2 weapons, A bow and a sword. There are no exciting fighting styles. You just stab or slash. But this is all you need to be able to do!!

All in all it works and the feeling is like none I have had in a computer game. It is pure, simple and addictive.

Think of it as a platform/puzzle/adventure game.

If you are not sure, rent it, give it a day and then see if it is your thing

The Good: Advantages: Fantastic atmosphere, involving gameplay, Original
The Bad: Maybe slow for some people

Shadow Of The Colossus Shadow Of The Colossus Shadow Of The Colossus Shadow Of The Colossus Shadow Of The Colossus

Gold Y AwardGold Y Award
4.5 4.5 / 5

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