Which Type Of Video Gamer Are You?

You might think that gamers all generally slot into the same category: people who like playing video games on the PCs and consoles. 


But when you examine the question a little more deeply, you soon discover that it isn’t as straightforward as you imagined. It turns out that gamers have a massive range of motivations for enjoying the activity. And some of them are a little out of the ordinary. 


In this post, we explore the different types of gamers that exist. Which are you? 




When No Man’s Sky released a few years ago, a lot of gamers didn’t see the point. Who would want to traipse around the galaxy, exploring an infinity of procedurally-generated games? 

Well, it turns out that it was the so-called explorers. These are gamers who like to run around in digital environments, discovering new things and unearthing secrets. For this type of gamer, it’s not about the art style or even the challenge: it’s just about “getting to the top of the mountain” they can see in the distance. 

Explorers like to read up on everything they find or that gets added to their codex. They want to ensure that they’ve seen everything on the minimap and complete all quests. 

Casual Gamers

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Some gamers don’t care about completing a game or dominating their opponents. For many, the activity is just something that they do to take up dead time between their primary activities. 

Casual gamers aren’t interested in leaderboards or getting to the end of a stage. Instead, they mainly mess around and dip in and out when it suits them. 


Destroyers are people who delight in defeating their opponents with overwhelming strategy or force. If you’ve ever played a strategy game against people online, you’ll know what this involves. Typically, it means finding a way to rig the economy to make it so that you can overwhelm your opponent in a single epic battle. 

Destroyers take no prisoners. They’re not in it for the aesthetics. They just want to win – and win big. 


Completionists are people who feel compelled to master every part of a game, even if it is tedious. They’ll spend hour after hour grinding away to get a single item or defeat a particular bonus boss. If they’re playing Wonga games, it’ll mean trying out every game in the library. 

Whatever it is, completionists aren’t satisfied with just completing the game’s primary objectives. Instead, they go through all the secondary stuff too, even if it takes them an enormous amount of time to do it. 

For completionists, it’s all about the joy of the accomplishment. 


We’ve all seen how some games – such as Portal, Total War and Hearts of Iron – force players to think. But certain types of gamers thrive on this type of thing. They love the idea of sitting down to solve a puzzle or two. The best thinking games are those that change the nature of the puzzle each time you complete one. Some are turn-based, while others are RT

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