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YARS. Still alive, but resting 

Hi all

It may not have passed your attention that the last year or so, YARS has been pretty slow. Since I started in 2006 YARS has always been a labour of love. It has run almost non-profit the entire time (1 year the site did make a bit of money, but that just went on hosting!). 

I love games and I love writing about them, I just don’t have much time for either at the moment. I used to have a lot of help from some awesome people, but these days it is just me. 

As such, unless any of you want to get invovled for fun, YARS will stay pretty slow for a while. I will update as I can and still have a few reviews to get out, but nowhere near as active as it had been a few years ago. 

If you are interested in helping out, drop me an email at reviews at 🙂

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