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Prove you're not ready for extinction with 'Are You A Dodo' - are you a dodo 1

Prove you’re not ready for extinction with ‘Are You A Dodo’

Well? Are you?

Do you have the lightning-fast synapses of a chimp or the intellect of a sea cucumber?

If you’re still not sure then why not find out in Chillingo and LambdaMu Game’s Are You A Dodo? available now on the App Store.

From the brains that brought you the mobile sensation Pixel People comes a new experiment game show from Professor Dodo.

Contestants will have their grey matter put through its paces as they undergo a selection of nine frantic challenges that’ll test your logic, dexterity, and memory.

Want to know how your brains measures up against Dodo’s menagerie of cranially challenged critters?

Budding test subjects contestants should apply for free on the App Store: <gp_link type=”http” loc=”//”>

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