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Minecraft (Full Release) Review (PC)

Has the block game become distorted?

That’s right. Minecraft was released. So, what has the game got to offer from the last review of Minecraft Beta here on YARS? Well, let’s find out… Starting us off now is the enchantment table. Similar to a workbench, requiring rare materials to make it, but the impact after are well worth the price. How does Fire Resistant armour sound? What about higher sharpness on a sword? All manner of wonderful things have been added, and it’s best I leave you to find them for yourself. Minecraft (Full Release) There is also the brilliant community, which has just gone over 4 million, all of whom can mod the game. There are tons of mods on the market, mods for new enemies or NPCs, mods for food, mods for industrial stuff – there so much that you can mod Minecraft with, you’ll struggle to see it all. And the worlds. The beautiful HUGE worlds, 8 times as big as the Earth with a new generation method introduced in BETA 1.8. Truly wonderful. Live on a farm, near a desert and jungle, or live in a Ravine, you now have control of your very own abandoned mineshaft to yourself on Survival Multiplayer. Minecraft (Full Release)Then there’s the multiplayer itself. It is difficult to find a small community that you know will continue for a few months, and not just the first few weeks. As I personally prefer smaller servers, where others are prepared to help you get started, and your PC won’t lag from the amount of messages that keep appearing – at least the multiplayer is a lot more stable as it now requires less RAM. And aren’t the graphics just great? They are revolutionary for the genre, and will begin a whole new era of graphical style. For example, there’s Terraria, and then a mixed version that’s available on Iphones. However, textures packs are good – they can cause a little reduced frame rate, but if you get a Hi-Res Texture Pack, then that isn’t limited to just 16x16x16 pixels, and looks fab. Beautiful. However, what about all the little features, I hear you ask? Well, let’s a take a look:Minecraft (Full Release) The dungeons – which were added donkey years ago – are proving to be a good asset to Minecraft, and you now have the chance to take on a dungeon however you want. Do you fill the dungeon with sand, dig from above, or simple run in all swords blazing? Most choose the more sneaky approaches, and then easily take the loot. However, in more recent times, Mojang has been busy with a new method of resource gathering, and ravines, abandoned mine-shafts, and strongholds were all added in Beta 1.8. The ravines were great for protection. Build your base of operations in the side of the ravines, and nothing can get you. The abandoned Mine-shafts at the bottom of the Ravines were always a great way to get resources, however beware of the falls and monsters lurking within. The strongholds now provide the end game of Minecraft. However, do we want a end-game?

its not all doom and gloom, as there are great aspects to Minecraft. The multiplayer is stable, and great fun, especially when you and a few friends just play on a server by yourselves

Once you travel to the Ender World, enjoy the battle between you and a huge dragon. Mojang was in legal battles with Bethesda about a game title, and Minecraft goes and get a whole feature taken from the Elder Scrolls, fighting dragons. After the killing of the dragon, you will get lots of experience, and then you will get the credits. However, enjoy 10 minutes of them. Minecraft (Full Release)Minecraft 1.0 also brings a few new sounds – for example, chests have a new sound. Fall damage and damage in general has a whole new sound. Out with the old, in with the new – in other words, not much in the way of new sounds for Minecraft, but a few nice ones nontheless. However, this isn’t what I find a little annoying. Minecraft was known as a free-roam-just-do-what-you-want sort of game. But now? You could just called Minecraft 1.0 an Action-RPG, as over the past few months it has been losing its core concept. The idea of just going around, building whatever and whenever you want was so appealing, but now, its simply boring. The End world takes time, everything takes time – of course, it took time to mine for diamond before, however now it’s essentially an RPG, you don’t expect the game to be going so slowly. However, there are a few bugs that have been ironed out completely that have been in Minecraft since the beginning of Beta. For example, the bug where a mob, either a skeleton or zombie would spawn in your room when you were sleeping, causing you to wake has been removed. However, there is not enough change in the game I feel. It’s simply the ironing of a few bugs.Minecraft (Full Release) Then its the repetition of completing a world. Mojang put a end to a world, and most people don’t really want to do it over again. I know from my experience, I would rather simply download Beta 1.5_01 or something earlier, to miss Pistons, and all these ravines and strongholds. It’s been made into a different game than that I bought months ago. And its a shame. However, its not all doom and gloom, as there are great aspects to Minecraft. The multiplayer is stable, and great fun, especially when you and a few friends just play on a server by yourselves. The textures packs that are out there are great as well, however there is no denying that the game that many originally bought. An the truth is that todays version wouldn’t have gotten my money in the way the original did.

The Good: Endless things to do; Worlds are 8 times as big as Earth; Brilliant graphics
The Bad: Combat system is difficult to master

Minecraft (Full Release) Minecraft (Full Release) Minecraft (Full Release) Minecraft (Full Release) Minecraft (Full Release) 

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