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Are consoles on the out? (ARTICLES) - 20120303 022151

Are consoles on the out? (ARTICLES)

The glory days on consoles may be facing their end as games go free on other platforms.

Are consoles on the out?

Angry Birds Space was a game I hadn’t heard of until today. I played the first one and found it novel enough to enjoy and play on a regular basis. The game stayed consistent on my phone for months and then I just stopped playing. If I had the chance, I would have given it a 8-9 score because it was a great game, but didn’t engage me in a way a strong story does.

Then came along Cut The Rope; which I loved even more because it required a little more thought early on. Both Angry Birds and Cut The Rope are awesome, and game changers when it comes to the industry as a whole. They both pose a serious threat to the big hitters like Call of Duty and Mario.

A few days ago, I finally put down words with friends and started playing another game called Drawsomething. It’s a quirky Win lose or draw clone that brings out the artist in us all. All of these games are great, and they cost nothing! That’s a major difference from the big blockbuster hits that cost $60, plus these games tend to give me more enjoyment. Some big games only last 10 hours tops, while I’m playing Angry Birds for months and months.

With a $250 PS Vita sitting on my desk, I can’t help but wonder how useful that device will be when I’ve got my phone in my hand playing Angry Birds Space. It’s a great, fun game that trumps the first in pretty much every way. Am I really questioning the validity of hand held consoles after writing a sterling review of Uncharted Golden Abyss? Yeah, I guess I am, because I’ve played Dead Space on my android as well, and it’s pretty damn good. Maybe people are right when they talk about consoles dying. I do everything on my phone, which includes writing three novels, and this article. Why not gaming too?

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