Speedball 2: Evolution arrives February 24th – Retro goodness for the masses! (IOS, RETRO)

Jaw-breaking trailer unleashed showcasing Tower Studios’ staggering update to Amiga classic
Thursday February 17th 2011: Tower Studios and Vivid Games have today announced that the iOS version of The Bitmap Brothers’ Speedball 2 will be launching on February 24th 2011.

Speedball 2: Evolution arrives February 24th - Retro goodness for the masses!Speedball 2 Evolution is a phenomenal update to one of the best-loved videogames of all time. Available as a universal App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, this brilliant futuristic sports game offers a supremely deep portable single-player and multiplayer-experience both new players and its existing fan base of millions.

To celebrate confirmation of the release date, Tower Studios and Vivid Games have unleashed a new trailer showcasing the game in its Retina display glory. The trailer can be downloaded here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRFViX8nQ_w

Speedball 2 Evolution has been developed by Vivid Games, under the guidance of The Bitmap Brothers and Tower Studios’ Jon Hare, designer of Sensible Soccer and many other hits.

With quick-play, league and cup tournaments, players can enjoy a quick game or a more structured competition – but it is the comprehensive career mode, including the new Speedball Champions League, which offers hour upon hour of entertainment which will really grab the attention.

The game offers two alternative control systems: a classic, soft joypad, which replicates the controls of the early computer versions, and a new, innovative tilt-to-move option, in which team-mates can be manipulated simply by moving the device, meaning the whole screen can be seen at all times on the iPhone.
Other enhancements include brand new visuals designed specifically to showcase the iOS devices, local multiplayer competitions across Bluetooth and Wi-fi, and a host of gameplay tweaks designed to deliver the perfect Speedball experience.

“Fans who have been yearning for a modern incarnation of Speedball have only a week longer to wait,” says Jon Hare, the game’s creative director. “But as well as allowing the millions of existing fans to welcome home an old friend, we will also be introducing Speedball to a whole new generation. The game remains as playable as the day it was first launched – and with this being the definitive version for many, many years, we hope it proves itself to be the most popular.”

Speedball 2 Evolution will be available worldwide in the App Store on February 24th 2011, price tbc.

Speedball 2 Evolution features:
– 336 Individual players
– 22 achievements
– 20 Power-ups and pick-ups
– 16 Classic Speedball teams
– 12 New Intergalactic teams
– 10 Season career mode
– 10 Single player game modes
– 6 Arenas on four different planets
– Player transfer market and upgrades
– Extensive tutorial for rookies
– Multiplayer mode
– Game Center support
– That classic retro feel

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