Pizza Delivery Boy Review (WII)

by July 22nd, 2010

Crazy Taxi for Kids

Pizza Delivery Boy tells the tale of 3 brothers with pizzerias that have lost favour in the city they once reigned takeout supreme in, so much so that the townsfolk have stolen their secret recipe book. As their new delivery boy, it’s up to you, Pizza Boy, to regather the Pizza Recipes, make pizzas, and deliver them in time to regain the love of the city.

The Pizza Making section is where you re-create the brother’s recipes in a form of an image matching game. It is a little tedious to me, though my kids loved it. They could make pizzas for hours, spread the sauce, sprinkle the cheese, then try to match up the ‘recipes’ by placing toppings as precisely as they can. There seem to be hundreds of recipes in the game. The more you accurately match the topping recipe, the higher your score when you deliver the pizza. It’s a nice touch, but for me, it just wasn’t Cooking Mama enough, sadly. But I found that I can skip the Pizza making quickly by just making cheese pizzas and slapping the timer to cook. So, unless you’re into matching games, skip the Pizza Making section quickly to get into the driving bit.

The driving part of the game has all the fun of Crazy Taxi with a fully destructible world and some nice glancing collision so you don’t come to a complete halt every time you scrape the smallest thing in one of the 3 cities. An extra addition you don’t find in Crazy Taxi is hazards and enemies to avoid: from oil slicks and gushing hydrants, to bullies who throw things at you and hobos who get in the way because they’re drawn to the pizza. As your popularity increases (score goes up for successful deliveries), the hazards and enemies change. Enemies soon become more focused towards you because you’ve ‘won back the heart of the city’. Persevere until you’ve unlocked the other vehicles, as the handling gets better and better.

A really fun and cute game for the whole family

I like that you weren’t penalized in your score if you didn’t complete your delivery in the allotted time, so that you were able to speed off to the next delivery. In the second and third cities as well, you get more pizzas to deliver, so the gameplay isn’t interrupted as much in the later levels. Again, closer to Crazy Taxi.

Pizza Delivery BoyEqually, on your days off, you get all sorts of side missions which greatly increase the longevity of the game. Satisfying smashing missions, collection missions, and a variety of other challenges, such as driving slow enough, fast enough, and without making any collisions at all during delivery all add tot eh enjoyment of the game. I like the little stories that go with each of the side missions too, seating them into a real world scenario, instead of just giving you something meaningless to do.

So, overall, I’m giving it a nine. Pizza Delivery Boy is a really fun and cute game for the whole family and one I would recommend highly, especially if you can find it on sale.

The Good: Fun, frantic action with the Delivery gameplay. Satisfying destruction. Simple arcade fun. Multiple vehicles and cities to unlock for longevity.
The Bad: Pizza Making section a little dull.

Pizza Delivery Boy Pizza Delivery Boy Pizza Delivery Boy Pizza Delivery Boy Pizza Delivery Boy 

Gold Y AwardGold Y Award
4.5 4.5 / 5
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