Bend yourself into strange shapes with Yoga for Wii (WII)

“Yoga” for the Wii, the much-anticipated 100% pure Yoga experience by Austrian software publisher JoWooD has arrived! From today, Yoga for the Wii provides its users with physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

Bend yourself into strange shapes with Yoga for WiiAre you curious to learn about Yoga, or are a Yoga practitioner already? Then Yoga for Wii, which hits store shelves today, is perfect for you! This game allows you to relax and practice Yoga at home, right in your living room! Explore seven highly detailed levels with authentic places and buildings in Asia, and custom-build your personal training plan. No matter if you’re a Yoga beginner or an experienced practitioner of this ancient art: The game’s interactive Yoga Guru as well as top model and Yoga practitioner Anja Rubik will guide you through the central features of the game, and Anja will provide personal Yoga tips. Using the optional Wii Balance Board™, players receive feedback on how well they’re doing in breathing and balance exercises.

“Yoga” for the Wii – the perfect Xmas gift!

This brand-new software (recommended retail price �29.99) offers several unique features you will love: Not only does the 24 year old top model Anja Rubik, ranked third in the international model ranking, guide and assist players throughout the game – this highly successful young lady is also a passionate Yoga practitioner in real life, and offers many personal hints and tricks in the game. “Yoga helps me stay slim and bring the definition of my muscles to a maximum. Also, Yoga has helped me learn breathing techniques which are great for keeping stress situations under control. Additionally the exercises made my back pains, which I got from wearing high heels, totally disappear.” Anja Rubik regularly visits a Yoga studio in her current home town of New York, and will be using “Yoga” for the Wii in order to be able to practice Yoga every other day, no matter which of the world’s fashion metropolises she’s working and staying in. “Yoga the game is great – it challenges me to improve my results with each level I play, and to succeed in ever more demanding practices!”

“Yoga” is a unique, highly innovative new game, and perfectly suited for Christmas because it is attractive to a wide variety of potential customers: In contrast to all other available games, this is the first-ever 100% pure Yoga experience. “Yoga is a top-quality game for everyone. No matter if young or old, man or woman, or child or teenager – anyone who is interested in the traditional art of wellness, and wants to train their body and spirit with relaxing practices, will love this game”, states Markus Reutner, Marketing Manager at JoWooD.

Voices from the GamesCom Trade Fair:
� “Yoga” offers a completely new fitness and lifestyle experience! With “Yoga”, JoWooD brings the ancient Art of training the human body and spirit right into your living room! The combination of convincing graphics and the optional Wii balance Board™ creates an unprecedented gameplay experience!
� “Yoga” encourages the player to relax after a hard day!
� “Yoga” takes a different path from all the mainstream “fitness games” and sets a new, modern path toward improved body awareness and relaxation.
� Does training always have to become faster, tougher, and more exhausting? Set your own pace, relax your body and your mind – with “Yoga” for Wii.

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