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Supercar Challenge Review (PS3) - 700 SC5

Supercar Challenge Review (PS3)

Hardcore Petrol heads are welcome to the challenge

System 3 puts players back in the driving seat with 44 licensed Supercars at their disposal, ranging from Ferraris to Aston Martin’s to name but a few. Built on its predecessors Ferrari Challenge racing simulation engine, Supercar Challenge encloses the most luxurious supercars in the world into one game.

Supercar Challenge gives players the experience to drive around more than 20 licensed race tracks from around the globe. Delivering the most realistic driving physics seen in a supercar video game, in wet and dry weather conditions.

Each car driven in the game will drive and steer differently to every other one. Players will have to master each cars handling and stability to reach its full potential. Just like in real life, every supercar has there own preference. Some might over steer if you give it too much gas and some accelerate from 0-60 faster than others. It’s detail like this that is noticeably accurate.

Supercar ChallengeIt’s worth noting that this game has three handling modes, with the sole purpose being able to enjoy the look and feel of a real supercar for newcomers and veterans of the racing genre.

For the newbies there’s assist mode which is an amazing way to learn how to drive a supercar as well as learning the track. Players can carelessly race around the tracks, knowing that the AI will automatically brake for them in those crucial moments.

The next handling mode is called arcade with the only difference being that the player is in control of the brakes in comparison to assist mode. Finally there’s simulation for the hardcore racing fan. One mistake in simulation could cost you a whole race which is why it’s recommended for the veteran player.

Speaking of mistakes, Supercar Challenge implements a penalty system for driving off the track, deducting your speed to 30 mph for a few seconds. This adds more of a challenge to the gameplay giving you a reason to be wary of your opponents trading paint.

Other modes in the game such as challenge mode take you around the globe with a supercar of your choosing, completing various challenges. These challenges range from finishing first place or completing a race with no damage.

As an incentive upon completing challenges you are rewarded with race points that can be used to buy new supercars or unlock new vinyls. Race points can also be obtained in other modes such as tournament mode, arcade mode, quick race and 16 player online multiplayer.

Supercar Challenge doesn’t exactly redefine the racing genre.

A new addition to Supercar Challenge is tutorial mode voiced by British race driver and television presenter Tiff Needell. The tutorials take place in most of the tracks in the game, mastering cornering, braking and acceleration to name a few.

In comparison to most racing games out there, Supercar Challenge tends to have slow loading times. Although the game has a steady frame rate, high resolution textures and generally a graphical overhaul, it’s disappointing the loading times haven’t been tweaked before release.

Every sound from the engine rev, tire screech to impact sounds have been re-recorded on the field and re-mastered for Supercar Challenge. This is a nice touch enough to stimulate hardcore fans of the racing genre.

Supercar ChallengeSupercar Challenge doesn’t exactly redefine the racing genre but it does a fine job portraying a supercar simulation. The game offers three handling modes assist, arcade and simulation, which are relatively effective which will go down quite well with the casual racing fan.

Overall Supercar Challenge is a hardcore racing sim that you either love or hate. It all comes down to how much of a petrol head you are. With a limited number of tracks and insufficient amount of variety and creativity only the hardcore racing fan would purchase this game.

The Good: Has 44 licensed SuperCar’s from Ferrari’s, Aston Martin’s to the Bugatti Veyron; ; Features more than 20 licensed tracks from around the world; ; Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran there’s a handling mode for everyone to experience.
The Bad: Not a whole lot of variety in terms of Supercar’s; Slow loading times in comparison to other games; General Racing fans will either love or hate Supercar Challenge; ; ;

Supercar Challenge Supercar Challenge Supercar Challenge Supercar Challenge Supercar Challenge 

Bronze Y AwardBronze Y Award
3.5 3.5 / 5

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