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X Men Origins: Wolverine Review (360)

Wolverine Uncaged

Time and time again we’ve seen video game adaptations of films and comic book heroes, and time after time we’ve been disappointed. Times have changed my friend, and times have changed for the better! X-Men Origins: Wolverine has managed to achieve exactly what Wolvie fans have been desperate for, For an extremely long time! Sure we’ve seen Wolverine before in video games such as Marvel Heroes as well as Activision’s last attempt at a Wolvie game: Wolverine’s Revenge but they were never really what we all wanted. This time around Activision have slapped an 18 certificate on the front of the box and managed to nail the character spot on. This is Wolverine my friends and this is gory!

The opening cut-scene shows Wolvie spilling the guts of assorted armed pursuers all over the place before finally impaling a guy on a pole, and this is a trend that follows throughout the game. Combat consists of ripping enemies limb from limb with Wolverine’s razor sharp claws. These work the same way as many Hack n’ Slashes; you have your light attacks, strong attacks and grabs, except in this game they all look absolutely freakin’ amazing! The pre-set light / strong combos look awesome, and the ‘fatalities’ the can result from some grabbing and some good timing look even better, these range from being able to tear guys in half, to turning their own weapons against them as well as suplexing them onto spikes and throwing them shotput style through windows and off ledges. There is also a brilliantly implemented lunge mechanic that allows you to target an enemy and dive at them from the other side of the room allowing for some amazing combos to be linked together. Although one issue that I did have with the combat, and the lunge ability in particular was that it was all too easy seeing as I got through about half of the game diving from one enemy to the next rarely taking a hit, once I started actually trying to make my combos look awesome I found it a lot more fun and challenging, it’s just a shame there’s no real reward for playing the game in this manner. For that matter the designers seemed to make you want to do the exact opposite, there are several stronger enemies in the game such as the giant rock golem and the giant super mutants that require the same strategy to defeat; to kill the rock golem you need to dodge his attack, lunge and mash the attack button, to kill the mutant you need to dodge its attack, lunge and mash the attack button, to get through the entire game quickly and easily you just have to dodge its elaborate combat system, lunge and mash the attack button. Simple!

X-Men Origins: Wolverine has managed to achieve exactly what Wolvie fans have been desperate for, For an extremely long time!

But not only does Wolverine have the unparalleled ability to dodge, lunge and fight with his claws, he can also regenerate from almost any wound. X-men Origins has implemented this perfectly. You essentially have 2 separate health bars, one of them is Wolverine’s body, as this bar depletes chunks of flesh will get blown off to reveal Wolverine’s raw muscle and Adamantium skeleton, once this bar is depleted his essential organs are exposed and the second and much smaller health bar starts to deplete with every hit, once this is gone he’s dead. Not only is this true to the character it also looks awesome, the shape and size of each wound received is relevant to what hit you and where; opponents with swords will slash into Wolverine’s skin and explosives will annihilate entire chucks of his body, then once there is a bit of a rest you can visibly see the wounds heal layer by layer which is a real nice touch.

The problem with all this is that all of what I’ve said will become apparent within about 20minutes of inserting the disc, and it’s more or less exactly the same game for it’s entire 8hr play through, you’ll change setting occasionally and the enemies will change ethnic background every now and again but there’s never really anything new to do. Don’t get me wrong, what you’re given is bloody good fun but it’s the kind of game you’ll complete once, maybe twice for achievements and then trade it in for something else.

The story doesn’t really add itself to the game’s enjoyment either. First off it’s all over the place, one minute your in Africa fighting tribe people then your in a military complex fighting, well, the military and then you’re back to Africa again. On top of that they actually went and got Hugh Jackman. What? That’s a good thing you say? Not when you have to turn the sound ALL the way up and then listen REALLY carefully just turn kind of understand what the characters are saying! These two things combined and I’m not sure the story line of the film has been spoilt for me or not, because I didn’t really know at any point during the game why I was where I was or why is was killing all these people. Although to be honest, I didn’t really care

Overall I’d say Activision have done a fine job of giving us exactly what we wanted: A gory, bloody, claw induced bloodbath. And it does a good job of joining Gears of War and Devil May Cry in my ‘Epic while it lasted category’. I’d suggest you rent this instead of buying. Unless of course you think you can complete it before the receipt expires.

The Good: – True to character; – Ripping good fun; – Voice acting by Hugh Jackman
The Bad: – Very Repetitive; – Graphics aren’t as good as they should be on the 360; – story is bland and disjointed

Bronze Y AwardBronze Y Award
3.5 3.5 / 5

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