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Red Faction: Guerrilla Review (360) - 634 RF4

Red Faction: Guerrilla Review (360)

Red Faction: Guerrilla explodes into modern gaming!

I cannot express how excited I was about this game after I tried the two demos that are available on the Xbox Live marketplace. Now that I got my hands on the real game, I can finally tell you people if all the excitement was actually worth it.

Red Faction: Guerrilla is the latest next-gen game from Volition. Unlike its predecessors it is no longer part of the FPS genre, Volition decided to make Red Faction: Guerrilla a third person action game.

Red Faction: Guerrilla is still set on Mars like the previous games only this time there is a relentless force who are trying to gain complete control of Mars know as the EDF (Earth Defence Force).
You play the role of Alec Mason, a mining engineer looking for work in the area has seemed to have gotten himself caught up within the Force of the Red Faction. In order to gain freedom from the EDF, Alec Mason must drive them out of the 6 zones within the game, therefore liberating the entire map and marking freedom to all.

To achieve the defeat of the EDF in a certain zone you must lower the resistance meter in the corner of your HUD. Once that hits zero, you have liberated the area. Pretty simple.
The way to accomplish this is by doing missions marked on your map, story missions, destroying certain targets, high jacking vehicles and all kinds of other activities. You basically have to strip the EDF of everything its worth within each zone of the map.

Red Faction: GuerrillaVolition have made the entire world almost fully destructible. Objects and buildings can be obliterated with explosives, your sledgehammer, your weaponry or even vehicles. The only thing that cannot be pulverized is the actual surface you play on, so the floors and cliffs etc.
I tell you now, completely annihilating buildings, vehicles and objects in the Red Faction: Guerrilla is so addictive. You will be throwing bombs at walls, using your hammer to take down buildings throughout the entire duration of the game and it will never get boring, especially when you begin to start getting hold of the big weapons. Some of the weapons will be able to take literally half of a building out in an instant. The fact that the buildings, vehicles and objects blow apart pretty damn realistically makes the game even more fun to play and watch.

you will never get bored of creating havoc for the EDF on Mars.

The sense of progress in this game is really good. You are constantly getting new upgrades for your character to use such as new guns, more ammo for guns, more explosive chargers and armour etc. One of the my favourite weapons is the “Thermobaric Rocket Launcher”. It’s just awesome! It will completely blitz a building leaving very little remaining.

The whole world that you play on looks pretty good. High mountains and buildings all look natural to the game. Character animations are okay, though they are superb on your own character. It’s just that some of the computerised characters seem very robotic and lifeless at times.

Explosions in this game are amazing. The camera shakes and gives you the blurred vision momentarily coupled with the various colours that can come from certain explosive objects, it never bores you. There are some very bland and un-textured walls sometimes, but theres nothing that I can really complain about. The only thing I wished that Volition did improve is the driving, it doesn’t really have much feeling to it. A small amount of camera shake or more motion blur when driving. Anything just to make the driving feel faster and more enjoyable.

The multi-player option in Red Faction: Guerrilla will have many people hooked in my opinion. It comes with a fair amount of modes to play from and 21 maps to play on. I got to play on a mode called Team Control, where you have to destroy a certain point on the map and then rebuild it to claim it as one of your teams objective points. I found it a lot of fun to play, especially when you get backpacks that give you cool abilities. Stealth is one of them, Rhino enables you to run through walls and there are a few other ones that I will not spoil for you. So the overall multi-player feature looks to be pretty promising, maybe it will be able to compete with the real popular on-line multi-player games on the 360.

Red Faction: GuerrillaAt the end of it all, what you have here is one of the most enjoyable games on the Xbox 360. The entire game is a blast to play through with its amazing destructibility mechanics and its fairly long campaign. Red Faction: Guerrilla gives the player plenty to do throughout the entire game, storyline missions and loads of side missions to complete.

The multi-player is fun to play and could be pretty popular to Xbox Live players.
The audio in the game is nice, great sounds of the explosions and the music isn’t half bad either.

I recommend this game to anyone who owns an Xbox 360, as you will never get bored of creating havoc for the EDF on Mars.

Nathan Cochrane

The Good: The destructibility is fantastic, Plenty of gameplay, Good online content.
The Bad: The driving experience could be made better, Some character animations are lifeless.

Red Faction: Guerrilla Red Faction: Guerrilla Red Faction: Guerrilla Red Faction: Guerrilla 

Silver Y AwardSilver Y Award
4 4 / 5

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