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Put your skills to the test in Football Academy (DS)

Guildford, UK – Monday, March 19th, 2009 – Electronic Arts Inc. announced today that EA SPORTS™ Football Academy has shipped to retailers across Europe. The game is available exclusively on the Nintendo DSTM.

EA SPORTS™ Football Academy features an immersive new offering for every football fan with a mixture of action packed mini games and other features to provide a fun and entertaining way of developing and improving football knowledge through your Football IQ and team coaching skills.

Put your skills to the test in Football AcademyAs in real life, it takes significant practice to acquire the skills needed to become a top football expert. Guided by Academy Master Luiz Felipe Scolari, players must build and prove their football knowledge by testing their Football IQ, as well as proving it on the pitch by guiding their Academy team to victory. Based on the performance in the mini games and on the decisions made during matches, the goal is to become the ultimate Football Expert and to have the best team in Europe.

When feeling confident enough players can also compete with their own Academy team over Wi-Fi against friends and family to prove who has the best team and football expertise.

Football Academy Master Scolari, a coaching legend with the FIFA World Cup 2002 victory with Brazil and the runner up team in the 2004 European Championships with Portugal, will be in the game to guide players through the new and unique football experience to help make them true football experts.

EA SPORTS™ Football Academy is developed by EA Canada in Vancouver. It has been rated 3+ by PEGI. Please visit for rating information and for more information on the game.

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