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Open that throttle in Moto Racer DS (DS) - 1826 ds

Open that throttle in Moto Racer DS (DS)

Moto Racer DS is the adrenaline pumping new motorbike racing game for the Nintendo DS from Nobilis and Ascaron Entertainment, due for release on 3rd April 2009. Players can compete in four thrilling race modes, using the unique Stylus Precision Handling (SPH) to control speed, manoeuvring and perform impressive tricks.

The intuitive and effective SPH allows players to experience the excitement of racing from a different perspective. The stylus can be used for rapid acceleration, measured braking, crazy jumps and extreme stunts. For those who prefer the traditional method of racing, the D-pad can also be used to tear around the various circuits at lightening speed.

Open that throttle in Moto Racer DSIn the Freestyle arena, daredevil tricks including Nack Nack, Superman and Kiss of Death can be expertly carried out using the SPH. This innovative control method can be used to perfect landings and thrusts on the Super Cross tracks, such as Hula Whoops, Mud Arena and Sky Runner.

The SPH will assist in executing sharp manoeuvres in Traffic mode, enabling players to dodge the oncoming vehicles that hurtle towards them. Racers can also achieve mind blowing acceleration through the beautiful environments of Granite Valley, Eternal Sunset and Gasworth Castle on the Grand Prix circuits.

Moto Racer DS features a unique online Worldwide Ranking System for comparing scores with others from around the world. Players can register and create a rider profile, entering their Moto Racer DS code that can be found after completing a time trial race.

Fast facts:
Publisher: Nobilis
UK Distributor: Ascaron Entertainment
Developer: Artefacts Studio
Release date: 3rd April 2009
PEGI: 3+
Format: Nintendo DS
Genre: Racing

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