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CID, the beginning... (PC, PS2, PSP, WII) - 1682 1

CID, the beginning… (PC, PS2, PSP, WII)

Oxygen Games Introduces The Newest Action Hero on The Block – CID The Dummy!

CID, the beginning... (PC, PS2, PSP, WII) - 1682 2 CID, the beginning... (PC, PS2, PSP, WII) - 1682 1 

CID, the beginning...The game is set in a near-future version of our planet. Litigiousness and refusal to accept responsibility has grown to such an extent that any product manufactured or sold by anyone, anywhere, has to pass a near-infinite barrage of safety tests. Be it a steamroller, a plimsoll, or a book, it’s got to be safety checked by independent government bodies in triplicate, and only after long-term safety testing can it be unleashed on the general public.

It’s in this world, with its laser-tight focus on safety, and rife with please-don’t-sue-me attitudes, that the lowly Crash Impact Dummy rose to occupy its current position of importance. Back in the old days, Crash Impact Dummies were only used when studying car crashes. As lawsuits became more prevalent, though, Professor B M Werken and D-Troit, joint owners of one of the main Crash Impact Dummy manufacturing plants, saw a gap in the market, and started creating Crash Impact Dummies for other things. They started off with more obvious uses like construction cranes and level crossings, but now make Crash Impact Dummies responsible for checking the safety of sponges, dog toys, contact lenses, you name it.

Professor B M Werken is a man with a history, though. People wonder why he throws himself into his work with such focus, 24/7. He explains that he just wants people to be safe, and the press are usually satisfied with his answer. The truth, though, is a little darker.

Why does the Professor fall out with his friend and business partner, D-Troit, who becomes his arch enemy? What has driven the Professor to become so obsessed with product safety? Why does D-Troit kidnap Mia, the Professors daughter?

About CID The Dummy

A star is born and he’s made to last. CID THE DUMMY makes his debut in Oxygen Games’ first multi-platform production. It’s an all-new action platformer that is sure to grab you with its enjoyable, fun gameplay, featuring a totally original character with charisma and moves, different fighting styles with which to battle enemies from unarmed combat to weapons like the Bazooka that can freeze, hit and burn.

Interact as only a crash impact dummy can. Climb walls, swing on ropes, burn obstacles, destroy exploding barrels, use lifters, bounce on springs and with a neat head butt destroy walls all in stunningly realized environments. Game environment interaction is the most important part of the gameplay.
CID’s world is swarming with a host of fearfully fun enemies like the Dumper, Cursed Dummy and the bizarre Failed Experiment.
Apart from fighting enemies, the player will enjoy solving puzzles, avoiding traps and using acrobatic skills to get out of dangerous situations!

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