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Editor Profile - Revolver OcelotWell I’ve been instructed to do this so I hope you find it interesting and insightful.

I’m Sam, and I’m an 18 year old part-time student of Music Technology (recording, producing etc…). In the past 3 years I have also studied Film, Media, Electronics and Philosophy.

I’ve been interested in games since I was introduced to various commodore 64 games by my father as soon as I was old enough to hold a controller.

From here, I developed an interest in point & click adventure games, as they were exceedingly popular at the time. I still love playing some of these games today.

Through the years I’ve also developed an interest in action and adventure games, along with first person shooters.

I was in a PC gaming clan started by Daverage, which is where we first met. I became involved with YARS when dave started it, and you can still read my first (terrible) reviews here if you search hard enough.

Aside from gaming (which I find myself doing increasingly less of these days) I enjoy watching films and listening to every kind of music immaginable, especially bands who show particular originality. I play guitar and write music, as well as recording it.

I enjoy spending time with my friends, and hope to go to music college next year, possibly followed by university.

Well if you want to know any more about me, you can badger me on [email protected]

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