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Deep Silver announces "Purr Pals" for Wii (WII) - big y

Deep Silver announces “Purr Pals” for Wii (WII)

Deep Silver, the games label of Koch Media, a leading producer and distributor of digital entertainment products, and developer Brain Toys are going to publish the pet simulation “Purr Pals” for Wii™ in 2009. Following the success of this fluffy game on Nintendo DS™, Wii owners now get a chance to take care of virtual kittens as well.

In “Purr Pals”, pet lovers get to adopt a small cute kitten of their own, raise it, take good care of it, love it, play with it, and spoil it with special treats. First, players pick a furry bundle of joy from among 40 different breeds. Just like in real life, kittens must then be provided with food and toys, petted a lot, and kept entertained. And, of course, the cat litter must be changed on a regular basis. The cats will react to players’ actions and thus develop their own personalities and patterns of behavior.

YARS“Purr Pals” offers three different game levels, allowing players to interact with their cats, and catering to their needs. Wii users, who take very good care of their pets, keeping them happy and satisfied, will earn a reward. Furthermore, several amusing mini-games are included, and it is possible to participate in cat shows. Cat lovers can earn money here as well, and then visit the shop and purchase food, exciting toys, and many other nifty accessories, for their pet and its surroundings.


Adopt up to five kittens
40 different breeds with various personalities and looks
Through good care and training, the cat’s character may change
Amusing mini-games involving your kitten
Use the Wii Remote as a laser pointer, a “kitty fishing rod”, and other interactive toys
Earn rewards and purchase new accessories for your cat
Players can enter their kittens in contests, and win prizes

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