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Create a Happy, Healthy Planet in Tamagotchi: 'Round the World for iPod (IOS) - big y

Create a Happy, Healthy Planet in Tamagotchi: ‘Round the World for iPod (IOS)

Namco brings beloved Tamagotchi brand to iPod

YARSNamco Networks, a leading publisher and developer of mobile games and entertainment for mass-market casual gamers, today announced the international availability of Tamagotchi: ‘Round the World for Apple iPod. Based on the wildly popular digital pet toy and game series, Tamagotchi: ‘Round the World is a brand new original game developed exclusively for Apple iPod and is available from iTunes for $4.99. The game can be played on iPod nanos with video, iPod classics and fifth generation iPods.

The whole world is your playground in Tamagotchi: ‘Round the World. Players and their Tamagotchi interact with cute clouds, playful plants and gleeful geysers to raise the ultimate pet: a planet. The Tamagotchi eat, dance, play and even poop their way to a happier and healthier planet.

Players start by picking one of four adorable Tamagotchi —Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi and Violetchi—and then play one of six missions that take place across three themed Planets (jungle, desert, and “bucktooth”). Each mission has different objectives that, when completed, lead to a happy, healthy Planet.

Players move around the Planet as their Tamagotchi interacts with the Gaiatchi (living clouds, plants, geysers and seedlings that populate the Planet). Players bring life to the Planet by interacting with the Gaiatchi through various mini-games and activities:
• Rock Paper Scissors
• Bubble
• Move It
• Beach Ball
• Dancing
• Tag It
• Tickling
• Memory Match
• Math Puzzle

“Fans of the Tamagotchi brand are going to enjoy the cute, fun gameplay that Tamagotchi: ‘Round the World offers,” says Scott Rubin, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Namco Networks. “The loveable characters and the playful setting deliver hours of amusement. In addition, the device’s portability, similar to the original keychain, gives consumers access to this amusing game experience anywhere, anytime.”

Similar to the original Tamagotchi, the health and happiness of the Tamagotchi is also important. Players can tickle and play games with their Tamagotchi to keep it happy. If the Tamagotchi is unhappy, it might not do what the player asks, making it more difficult to complete the mission. In addition, players can collect stars through the mini-games to buy Tamagotchi stamps for the in-game virtual stamp book.

Tamagotchi: ‘Round the World takes full advantage of the iPod’s Click Wheel control. In addition, users can listen to Tamagotchi: ‘Round the World’s bouncy music while playing or choose to listen to music from their iPod library.

Tamagotchi: ‘Round the World is available internationally through Apple iTunes. For more information, please visit, To learn about Namco Networks’ other mobile games, please visit

TAMAGOTCHI: ‘Round the World © 2004-2008 BANDAI, WiZ © 2008 Namco Networks America Inc.

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