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Fable 2 Review (360)

More questing than you could shake a big sword at!

When you first start playing this game you’re instantly drawn into another world. Snow falls lightly around you as you make your way down a crowded street with people bustling around you. This almost instant immersion into the game is executed brilliantly, leaving you admiring every detail etched into this seemingly amazingly constructed world, from the ambience and excellent voice acting.

Fable 2 is an RPG like no other (well, except Fable), because every action you take moulds your character into either a good or evil being. You make these choices as you progress through the game’s epic (albeit slightly predictable storyline). This affects how the NPC’s around you react, and how you accomplish quests in-game.

Although this captivating world seems great, it’s also the game’s biggest downfall, the apparent fully explore-able landscape is actually a flood of linear paths with only a handful of villages to scavenge around in between quests (after you get your head around the beauty of it all).

The music is nothing special or memorable, but it does fit the scenes and can have quite a haunting or calming effect on your situation.

The gameplay itself is masterfully executed (despite the fact it is VERY similar to that of the original game); with intelligent NPC’s and a fun quests (even though some are quite samey). The controls implemented into the game work well, with different styles of attacks on the various buttons on the pad.

being evil is much more fun

The simplicity behind the control scheme combined with the gameplay really keeps you playing, but this also causes the game to fall flat on its face in a way. It’s too short. For any half decent RPG to keep the hardcore entertained it needs to last well over 60 hours, but Fable 2 (although quite fun to play) only lasts around 20 hours for an experienced gamer. Although this seems quite short, there are multiple files so you could play through the game again with a different kind of conscience if you really wanted (but being evil is much more fun).

Fable 2Aside from the main quest there isn’t much else to do; other than a few lacklustre mini-games involving gambling or trying to buy every house in the world.

The game supports Xbox Live, and local play, which allows a second player to enter your world and team up with you. This works well, but it makes the game quite easy. One annoying thing about this is the fact you don’t play as your exact character when this happens (meaning you have to play as one of 6 or so pre made ones), but fortunately you get to keep all of your skills you’ve worked for.

After a few hours playing some minor bugs become obvious, with places deemed unreachable in a so-called “fully explore-able world”, and experience disappearing when another local player signs out. These minor errors become increasingly more noticeable and frequent as you progress through the game.

The amount of content in the game is somewhat smaller compared to the first game. There are less weapons and kinds of armour, and a greatly reduced amount of different kinds of enemies to fight. This could be remedied by DLC in the future but at the moment it’s slightly poor.

Fable 2 isn’t a bad game, it has its moments and can be quite fun to play. It just isn’t what we were promised and were expecting.

The Good: Fun Combat System, Involving Storyline, Drop in Co-Op gameplay, Fitting Graphical Style, Good Control System
The Bad: Linear Gameplay, Buggy, Similar to the First game, Much too short

Fable 2 Fable 2 Fable 2 Fable 2 Fable 2 

Silver Y AwardSilver Y Award
4 4 / 5

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