Fifa 09 Review (PS3)

by November 4th, 2008

Possibly the best yet.

I am a diehard football fan and have been waiting for this game for months. So after an hour waiting in my local supermarket and the most agonising drive home i finally got my hands on it.
After excitedly putting the disc in and waiting I was met by a screen asking me to configure my settings, then followed another screen which took a lot of messing around to get past. I wasn’t going to let that get me down. Then came the player arena, which is just one player and a goal with a keeper. After a few minutes of getting used to the controls i thought i would test my wits in a proper match. I chose my team and i was off.

Whilst the game was loading you have the opportunity to practice in the arena which nicely switches into a full stadium with what can only be described as the most realistic crowd I have seen in any game to date, and then came the kick off. Upon hearing the commentary I couldn’t help but feel disappointed – most lines are taken from the last version and they still say things in the wrong place at the wrong time which can get a bit annoying.

with a few nice through balls and a cheeky back heel I was one on one with the goalkeeper

Seeing the players with the ball started to cheer me up as I passed the ball smoothly around the opposition, with a few nice through balls and a cheeky back heel I was one on one with the goalkeeper. I opted for the placed shot, which is as easy as holding R1 whilst powering, only to see the keeper pull off an amazing save. Corner! Upon seeing the view from the corner I was amazed. I could actually see where all my players were and have the opportunity to call a second man to help. I drilled it into the box perfectly and my player connected an excellent header and scored. I had my first goal on FIFA ’09. After another 8 minutes of playing the score was 3 – 1 to me, and yes the CPU that controls the team can actually play. Unlike previous versions where you can run around the whole opposition, this team had some organisation about them, I was impressed.
The graphics in this game are second to none even with PES Fifa 09(Pro Evolution Soccer) on the market. With the players looking real as well as having stadiums and crowds looking fantastic I thought that would be it graphically, but even replays or incidents like fouls made me smile. EA have finally managed to “box” out there competition.
But this game isn’t just about having a fun kick around. There are lots of game modes to choose from. You can be a manager and complete 15 seasons trying to rise to the top. Also there is “BeAPro” which is a game where you only control one player and get rated for your performance; you can even do it in a season and play for your country in the international break.

As for online capabilities this game has so many things to choose from I can’t list them all.

As well as the standard 1VS1 online games you can create leagues and invite people into them to compete for a trophy of your choice. If that isn’t what you fancy why not register for the FIWC? (FIFA international world cup) and pit yourself against players across the globe for the chance to be crowned FIFA champion and win a massive host of actual prizes. You can even link up with your friend to play against 2 other people in two different households.

All in all FIFA 09 is a must have for anyone into their football games. It is definitely the best out there at the moment, and I expect to be playing it nonstop for weeks on end.

The Good: quick player reactions, more fast flowing gameplay and complete realism. good soundtrack.
The Bad: dull and repetitive commentary, still some player lag.

Fifa 09 Fifa 09 Fifa 09 Fifa 09 Fifa 09 

Gold Y AwardGold Y Award
4.5 4.5 / 5
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Mike from sunny shrewsbury in the UK. Love sports games and shoot em ups.

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