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Elite Beat Agents Review (DS)

You put your left foot in, you take your left foot out.

Its funk time!
There aren’t many DS games jetting around the big green ‘n blue planet these days that can peak my ever so picky interest. (Can you really blame me though?) With games such as, John Smith’s bed-Maker Training or Flea Sim 9001 floating around the market can you honestly blame me? (For those lacking a brain-cell or twenty those are not real games.) Now when the strangely named Elite Beat Agents caught my eye for the first time, I must confess I could feel my musical bones begin to shake.

I’d like to see you try and fit Guitar Hero in your gob.

Shake it all about!
The world is in peril! And as the Elite Beat Agent team it is your job, nay! Responsibility to lend a helping hand and foot (or dance routine). Your job as the team is to help any innocent bystanders with whatever problem they may have, big or small. Now even though some of objectives may seem rather “What the hell?” like. I give you my golden word, that with the beautifully animated comic strips opening and closing each high-calibre song you will easily pass off the rather strange stories. Or like me, find them highly amusing and giggle like a little schoolgirl all throughout.

Stop! Hammertime, dur dur durruu durruu durruu.
What do we think of as soon as the letters DS are spoken nearby? (No, not grilled cheese sandwiches!) Touch screen controls, that’s right! Now, to actually inform you how the game plays (I didn’t forget, don’t worry). Elite Beat Agents is a musical-rhythm game played by tapping circular “bubbles” on the screen along to the song. Hitting the bubble at the right time is down to simple timing, by watching a circle closing in on the centre and smashing it at just the right time to get the most points. As you progress through the song your stylish agents will dance along to the awesome music (and react if you miss a note or two). While on the top-screen the colourful world and story will play out, changing depending on how well your special agent tapping abilities are.

Elite Beat AgentsDance to the music!
The game features a staggering amount of songs totalling 19 (with 3 being super-secret un-lockables). The music fits almost too perfectly into the game style and control, with such songs as Sum 41 – “Makes No Difference”, Queen – “I Was Born to Love You” and Madonna – “Material Girl” the game boasts huge variety for different genre loving fans. Now although to some people (not pointing any fingers) 19 songs may not sound like much, but considering you can fit the game inside your mouth (if you so chose) it’s quite a bargain. I’d like to see you try and fit Guitar Hero in your gob.

Everybody, come on!
Elite Beat Agents also contains the ever-popular multiplayer mode (cue dramatic gasp) where you and up to four of your musical buddies can duke it out over the game’s song library. Or if your friends are cheap and can’t afford the game you can send them a demo of the multiplayer and go head to head, using only one of songs. (Stereogram – “Walkie Talkie Man”). Personally I recommend you tell them to buy the game, and stop being a big smelly bunch of cheapos

The “Fat Lady” has sung.
If you love music, and you love music-rhythm games, then this game is without a shred of doubt an essential buy for you. The game looks great, it feels great and most importantly it sounds amazing. The one draw-back of the game is that the learning curve is like climbing a mountain! Some songs will see you sail past without looking back, others will slam a brick wall in your face and say “NO”. This game is a challenge but the end result of conquering it with your team makes the fight worth every penny, plus its just so much fun!

The Good: High quality songs.; Original gameplay.; Looks awesome.; Insane levels of fun.
The Bad: Learning curve can be tough.; I can’t put the game down and my hand hurts from holding the DS.

Elite Beat Agents Elite Beat Agents Elite Beat Agents Elite Beat Agents Elite Beat Agents 

Gold Y AwardGold Y Award
4.5 4.5 / 5

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