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Overclocked: A History of Violence Review (PC) - 352 OVERCLOCKED screen 06

Overclocked: A History of Violence Review (PC)

A psychological thriller that’s as dark as they come.

When I got this game through the post, I didn’t quite know what to expect. Having read other reviews I thought that I may get a slight enjoyment out of this game, but I had never heard of either lighthouse interactive or house of tales, so it obviously couldn’t be all that great. Overclocked: A History of Violence puts the player in the shoes of David McNamara, an ex army psychiatrist who uses a system of piecing together people’s stories by leading them to recollect their past a piece at a time. David is called into an odd case where 5 young people have all been found naked, and shooting at people around New York. David must help them remember the events leading up to this, so that he can uncover the reason for their irrational actions.

The first thing that struck me when beginning this game is how bad the characters looked. Animation and graphics of both the setting and the characters is quite sub-par for a game made in the last year. When picking objects up, your character will bend down with his hand close to the object, and the object will magically reappear in your hand. When the barman pours drinks for you, he will lift the bottle, and the glass will instantly become full. Despite this, they are not quite bad enough to stop you playing the game, as you will be gripped constantly by the story.

The game is thrillingly dark and immensely enjoyable.

As the story unfolds both of David’s dark and twisted past, and the events leading up to the capture of the 5 young men and women, are revealed. Be under no illusions, this is a VERY dark game, it’s not something to play if you are already having a bad day. It is however gripping and compelling, and will keep you locked to the story throughout. Like the film Memento, the story of the character’s pasts are revealed piece by piece, and it’s up to you to re construct the story and determine how they came to be where they are. This technique is used very effectively, and really makes you use your brain.

Overclocked is a point and click game, which means puzzles. A lot of puzzles. Unlike some of the point and click games I have played, the puzzles are not always easy to solve, and the solution often requires you to remember what has been said in earlier flashbacks. I see this as a good thing, as it forces you to remember what has happened earlier in the game, and means the puzzles need you to use your brain, as well as existing objects in the game.

Overclocked: A History of Violence The truth is, everything about this game SHOULD be terrible, but despite having sub standard graphics, terrible character animation and some very bad sound, the game is thrillingly dark and immensely enjoyable. I really enjoyed Overclocked, and I can honestly say I will play it again in the future, which isn’t something that happens often with point and click games. If you see this game at a reasonable price, buy it. It’s well worth it.

The Good: Brilliant and gripping story, Dark and complex, challenging puzzles, great soundtrack
The Bad: Can be depressing, terrible animation, badly mixed voice overs

Overclocked: A History of Violence Overclocked: A History of Violence Overclocked: A History of Violence Overclocked: A History of Violence Overclocked: A History of Violence 

Silver Y AwardSilver Y Award
4 4 / 5

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