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Neves Review (DS) - 317 790 YCA (17)

Neves Review (DS)

A different kind of challenge

Neves is not for everyone, in the same way the Sudoku or crosswords are not for everyone

Neves is one of those games that it is very easy to dismiss at first glance.
In fact one of the other reviewers may well have been writing this had I not decided to give it just one go!

Neves is based on an old type of puzzle called a tangram. Basically you have seven (neves, seven backwards…get it!?!) shapes that you must put together to produce a specific image. These shapes are the same for each puzzle, but the way you use them will differ each time.

Control is handled with the stylus. Tap and hold a piece to drag it around the board, catch hold of a corner to rotate it or double tap it to flip it over. It all feels very natural and takes no time at all to get into!

The game looks very basic, but this is a basic game so no worries there. The top screen shows you what shape you are trying to match to, whilst the bottom screen handles the action. I would have been more upset if they had decided to go all 3D and flashy. After all this is based on a game that uses wooden pieces and paper!

There are 3 modes of play. Normal, which has you solving the puzzle in you own time, is very relaxing. For more of an adrenaline rush (well sort of) you can go against the clock. If you are feeling particularly clever you can try the third mode that has you solving the puzzle in just seven moves!

However basic the game is, there is a lot here to challenge you. With over 500 puzzles and 3 game modes (not to mention a multiplayer mode) this should keep you going for a while. Try to think of it as Sudoku that exercises your spatial awareness not your maths!

It is one of those games that is perfect for the train as you can pick it up and put it down in minutes.

If you can get past the presentation, there is a long and enjoyable challenge to be had here. Neves is not for everyone, in the same way the Sudoku or crosswords are not for everyone, but if it sounds at all interesting give it a go, I am very glad I did, so you might be too!

The Good: 500 + puzzles.; Pick up and play.; Train friendly 🙂
The Bad: Graphics and music are a bit on the poor side.; Not for everyone.

Neves Neves Neves Neves 

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4 4 / 5

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