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AMF Bowling Pinbusters Review (WII)

Bowling along…

There is no denying that Wii Sports is one of the greatest marketing ploy/ free gift ever. With Nintendo packaging this game with every console (apart from in Japan I believe), everyone can buy a basic console, and get a game that shows it off at its innovative best. Using the Mii’s you create to play some simple but addictive sports titles showed the world the potential of the Wii. We all salivated at the thought of a full game of Tennis, Golf and Bowling (sorry but the baseball was crap- and too damn hard).

Fun that this is, I cannot find any reason to buy this, unless you are a major fan of the sport, otherwise I suggest you stick with Wii Sports

AMF Bowling Pinbusters is a ten pin bowling game from the nice people behind Oblivion- Bethesda. At first glance, this game seems to be just what the doctor ordered. It featured the same gameplay as Wii Bowling, and the same control method to bowl. Press B, swing remote back, then forward and release B when you want to throw your ball. Twist the remote left or right to apply spin just before releasing the ball, to see it curve in that direction.

We get a couple of game modes- Bowl Now and Tournament, which are pretty self-explanatory. Either play single player or against 3 other human opponents. You can chose up to eight different characters to play as. These very from surfer to Punk rock girl. They have their own personality, but since they do not actually effect the gameplay, they start to grate after a bit, and you find yourself wishing you could pick your own Mii.

AMF Bowling PinbustersThere are a couple of mini games shoe-horned in also, this being a Wii game. One called Pool Bowl and the other Obstacles. Of the 2, the pool one held my interest longer, as you have to use your bowling ball as the white cue ball, and hurl it against a black 8 ball to knock down the pins. The obstacle games just places an obstacle in your way, forcing you to go to one side and use the spin option to swerve your bowling ball around to hit the pins.

The main problem with this game is that it needed to have so much more content to warrant a purchase, since we all have a decent bowling game on Wii Sports. Fun that this is, I cannot find any reason to buy this, unless you are a major fan of the sport, otherwise I suggest you stick with Wii Sports.

The Good: Its like Wii Sports Bowling, but with a few more features.
The Bad: Its just like Wii Sports Bowling, but with NOT ENOUGH extra features

AMF Bowling Pinbusters AMF Bowling Pinbusters AMF Bowling Pinbusters 

2.5 2.5 / 5

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