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Juiced 2 :Hot Import Nights Review (360) - 232 juiced34

Juiced 2 :Hot Import Nights Review (360)

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A few years back, the original xbox was home to some top arcade racing games, the likes of PGR2, NFS: Underground 2 & Midnight Club3 all jockeying for position at the top of the pile. Unfortunately that was the time THQ decided to release the much-underrated Juiced. It brought to the table a blend of street modding arcade action, that didn’t seem to be all that different to all the other arcade racers mentioned above. The graphics and audio where top notch, but it just wasn’t strong enough to stamp its own authority onto an already packed genre.

This time the guys at Juice Games have enlisted the help (read: endorsement) of Legal street racing & hip DJ’s that make up ?Hot Import Nights?

So here we are in 2007, following on from the sim-tastic Forza 2, and coming just before Sega Rally, PGR4, NFS: Pro-Street & Burnout Paradise, we have a game that is rising from the ashes to get to the top of a now high definition, next generation of racers, on the current king of the consoles the xbox 360.This time round these souped up boy racers are not competing in illegal street races like before, hell no. This time the guys at Juice Games have enlisted the help (read: endorsement) of Legal street racing & hip DJ’s that make up ?Hot Import Nights? ?Hence the title Juiced 2- Hot Import Nights.

The presentation is as vivid, slick & downright exiting, as you would expect. Like before, modding is the way forward, so if you are at home adding fins & skirts onto your Corsa, then this baby is for you. Add in loads of Bikini clad glamour models, and bangin toons and you begin to get the message that this is not aimed at the mature gamer. Graphically this is spot on, and there seems to be no slowdown or clipping issues. The sound is spot on as well, especially once the NOS kicks in!

Juiced 2 :Hot Import NightsJuiced 2 is more concerned with Drifting & power sliding this time round, so it is important to spend your hard earned cash on the correct car for the job in hand. All the expected vehicle licences are here from Audi to VW. All are totally moddable to the nth degree, and you can take your creations online to sell for cash! Talking of the green folding stuff, you can also bet against other drivers that you can beat them, and collect your winnings once you have wiped the floor with them-just don’t get to cocky. Also in Juiced 2, there is a cracking feature called “Spooking” whick means you can tailgate one of your rivals until a meter fills up above thier head and they will veer off into the side hoardings…which is nice!

All in all, THQ have produced a much stronger contender this time round and the addition of the DNA feature, that allows you to race against famous people by downloading their racing DNA (which logs their playing style) is borderline genius.
Add to this a strong online multiplayer and the other big franchises must be quaking in their arcade racing boots.

The Good: great graphics,real feeling of speed when the NOS kicks in,Spooking your rivals and endless customisation
The Bad: Drifting is essential(suck at it and this games becomes less fun),music can grate after a while, doesnt quite hit the hights it hints at.

Juiced 2 :Hot Import Nights Juiced 2 :Hot Import Nights Juiced 2 :Hot Import Nights 

Silver Y AwardSilver Y Award
4 4 / 5

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