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The Evil Days Of Luckless John Review (PC)

glitchy, bug filled adventure game that I would never have released.

A new innovative adventure game from Akella, evil days of luckless john focuses around a handsome yet luckless young man, who one day by chance inherits a financially sucsessfull casino from a deceased uncle. Only days later, this casino is stolen from him, as he is driven out by the mafia. This game follows john’s quest to reclaim his casino from the mafia and therefore be less luckless.

I could waffle all day about how dire this game is

The game is on first appearance straight up point and click, but as the game progresses, you will discover that it has some more action elements such as the ability to jump, first person shooter scenes and even driving scenes. This is the basic concept of the game. Unfortunately, everything after the concept falls flat on its face. I will start with the graphics, which aren’t particularly horrible, but aren’t anything special by any means. The voice acting is extremely uninspired and shabby, and the script is so dire that the comedy moments can actually cause you physical pain because they are so disgracefully written. Now I’ll move on to my main gripe, the gameplay. One would think that with such innovations as these in a point and click game, Akella would’ve spent plenty of time perfecting them. Wrong. The release version of the game that I received (after my promotional review version failed to play entirely) appeared to have never been beta tested, and seemed like a very early source code that got dumped and never returned to. You can be walking around and suddenly start teleporting 10 steps infront, making movement extremely difficult, I also regularly teleported into walls particularly in the jail scene, and was then shot through the wall by police officers. This I might point out, was not a one off, but a frequent occurrence. I also found myself in one scene jumping onto a rock and bouncing into the air to the extent that the camera panned upwards and john was but a blip on the skyline, this was honestly the funniest part of the game for me, as it allowed me to have a 10 minute break while john fell back to the ground (no exaggeration). The game’s first driving scene was also a real gripe, a speedometer in the corner indicated that I was travelling at 100 miles per hour while the car appeared to be going 25-30. It was impossible to turn any reasonable amount without swerving wildly and Akella handily included the ability to reset the car back onto the road when you drive into walls and bounce right off again. Akella also managed to find the ultimate way to annoy people, yes a box puzzle that is near impossible to complete. When pushing a box along a series of crates, the box will randomly transport probably an inch real distance (a foot or so game distance) off the ground and get stuck there, completely halting your progress as the box is impossible to move, and therefore stops you moveing any other boxes. This means that you have to load your last save at the beginning of the scene and pray that the same thing doesn’t happen this time! I could waffle all day about how dire this game is, but I think to be honest that would be a complete waste of time and energy, just like the game really then! I seriously would’ve got more enjoyment out of watching the tree outside my bedroom window blowing for a few hours. Akella, you have seriously let yourselves down here, what were you thinking?

The Good: graphics arent terrible, music isnt all terrible
The Bad: glitchy, bug filled, terribly scripted, filled with bad jokes and gags, annoying puzzles.

The Evil Days Of Luckless John The Evil Days Of Luckless John The Evil Days Of Luckless John The Evil Days Of Luckless John The Evil Days Of Luckless John 

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