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Men remember more about sport than women ? fact! (PS2, WII)

Forgetful men who exasperate their partners today breathed a sigh of relief as it was revealed that their forgetful nature is simply not their fault!

In tests* carried out by Oxygen Games to promote their new game Alan Hansen’s Sports Challenge, it was revealed that only 56% of men could remember the exact date they first met their other half compared with 83% of women, who could also, in 100% of cases give the date of their mothers birthday. Only 79% of men could do the same.

Men remember more about sport than women ? fact!Dr Aric explains ?The male brain is purpose-built for remembering sports information, while the female brain is superior at remembering emotional and social information such as birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. This is because the female brain is hard-wired for empathy, while the male brain is hard-wired for systematising – ordering and categorizing dates, scores etc. After all, men are the world’s bean counters and stamp collectors – how many female train spotters are there??

The research by Oxygen Games and psychologist Dr Aric Sigman has also brought to light another startling revelation: that chubby ladies never forget comments about the size of their bottom whilst they fail to remember more general knowledge.

When tested, men could retain sports facts and results much more easily than women. In the poll, 84% of men got over 90% of the answers correct, compared with only 53% of women. Shockingly 98% of women could remember the last time a comment was made about their weight whilst only 20% of men could say the same.

Dr Sigman explains: ?Men are also far more interested in sport because it is driven by their hormone testosterone causing competition and aggression. And because they’re more interested in sport information, they are more likely to encode that information and remember it. Women on the other hand remember more positive and more negative life experiences than men. This translates into a man being better at remembering who scored a hat trick in the 1966 World Cup while a woman will still remember that in 1966 her husband told her the truth when she asked him ?does my bum look big in this??

The research seems to prove that men and women really are from different planets when it comes to processing and organising information in the brain, giving men an uncanny ability to remember even the smallest sporting detail, but leaving them unable to do the same for everything else!

Test your sporting know-how with Alan Hansen’s Sports Challenge, out on Wii, PS2 and PC, December 2007.

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