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Fatal Inertia Review (360)

360 gets a futuristic racing game, lets hope it doesnt Wipeout

As far as I know, the xbox 360 did not have a futuristic racing game, with vehicles that glide on a cushion of air and shoot stuff at each other. You know, Sony has the wonderful Wipeout series and of course Nintendo had F-Zero, but there has been a barren wasteland for the 360. So when Fatal Inertia dropped on my mat, I rejoiced, as I figured this game would fill the hole in the market for Microsoft’s flagship slab of HD hardware. On the back of the box it states in bloomin big letters ?The next generation of racing has arrived.? While this may be a bold statement, the people at Koei almost pulled it off.

It manages to convey the feeling of speed and excitement on the stunning looking courses.

If you are interested in the back story, well its pretty generic really?22nd century?ultimate form of entertainment?. travelling over 900km/h?blah blah blah- that’s enough back story, You lot just want to know what it looks like & how it plays, right. To tell you the truth this is a pretty sweet looking game, this is very next gen and the frame rate is pretty impressive. It manages to convey the feeling of speed and excitement on the stunning looking courses. So to the courses, I’m afraid they are a little bit short for my liking but when you get to the last lap, knowing the track is not that long- it sure does get the adrenaline going-good job there, oh people from Koei.

Now the vehicles themselves are a bit disappointing as they look pretty much the same & there does not seem to be any difference in the way they handle, but I guess its hard to mod a 22nd century hovercraft, when it has no wheels or suspension!
The weapons on the other hand are pretty special, not just your average rockets and stuff like Wipeout. Nope someone has thought outside the box on this one. How do magnets that affect the way your craft handles grab you? Add time dilators and a harpoon type weapon (to aid turning, or just snag your opponents) and you end up with 9 original, kick ass weapons, which make the difference between winner or loser.

Fatal InertiaFatal Inertia is a great game for the ?casual gamer? as its easy to pick up and play, and you can dip in and out when you feel like. Add a nice low learning curve. and a fun multiplayer and you are onto a winner. I must admit, this game does not actually remind me of the aforementioned futuristic racers, and the reason for this is the outdoor tracks that actually feel more like Star Wars Pod Racer, and I loved that game.

The Good: Looks cool,plays fast,awsome weapons
The Bad: vehicles too similar,tracks too short

Fatal Inertia Fatal Inertia Fatal Inertia Fatal Inertia Fatal Inertia 

Silver Y AwardSilver Y Award
4 4 / 5

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