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About KwariTM (PC) -

About KwariTM (PC)

On the surface Kwari is a rapid action first-person shooter, with all the sci-fi trimmings and weapons you’d ever need. However there is a whole lot more going on.

Kwari has been designed with a singular purpose in mind; to give you the opportunity to translate your shooter skills into some serious cash. Everything about the game has been tailored to that effect, so much so that even an average player should be able to quickly get ahead in the game.

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About KwariTMEvery time you hit another player in Kwari you make money. Every time you are hit by another player it costs you. Every shot counts. How much is down to the stake level you play in. But this is not the only way to win.

Doing damage to yourself, breaking crates, using certain map features, picking up additional weapons, or health packs may have a fractional cost attached. This is then spread between a series of jackpots, prizes and awards available in the game, all of which can be won by any player, regardless of the skill or stake level of game they prefer to play.

At no point, however, does Kwari take any of this money. 100% of the cash generated through playing the game goes back to the players in the form of prizes.

The most frequent of these prizes is The Pill Jackpot, which is split between the player who carries The Pill the longest, and the player who finishes the round holding The Pill.

Other jackpots in the game are won by collecting Kwari keys, which spawn regularly in the game until the prize has been won. Jackpots increase in size depending on the number of keys required to win them and the time period over which they are released, ranging from one hour to six months. Once a Jackpot has been won, the key series begins again and the prize fund for that Jackpot begins building up again. Kwari keys can be found inside various crates scattered throughout the game, but that’s not all they contain. Crates can carry pickups, weapons or even cash prizes as well as jackpot keys.

In addition, as you become more experienced at Kwari you will receive tasks to complete in the game which will earn you a cash bonus. These tasks can be completed in a single round or over many evening’s worth of play and they stay with you until they are completed.

Kwari offers a significant number of ways for players to win, which means there are a wide range of tactics to be employed ? and it’s not simply a case of who’s the best FPS player.

Maybe you’re a highly skilled shooter gamer who prefers to make money from other players by excessive use of the rocket launcher. Perhaps you prefer a more stealthy approach, and make your winnings from picking off crates and taking their contents when nobody is watching. You might rather get the adrenaline rush of being the Pill carrier. All these tactics work well, and undoubtedly you will find the right method to make a killing in Kwari.

At no point does the house take any of this cash ? if you win it, it’s yours. You can get your winnings back to your real bank balance easily and quickly.

The game is free to download, you’ll need ammunition and this is the only place Kwari charges for anything. Think of us as your virtual arms dealer ? we supply you with ammo (which works in all weapons) for a fixed cost. Depending on your style of play the amount of ammo you use will vary.

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