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MGS4 at Games Convention - 405 MGS4 E3 2007 A

MGS4 at Games Convention

Hideo Kojima uses Leipzig Games Convention to exclusively reveal ‘Beauties and the Beasts’ themes in METAL GEAR SOLID 4: GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS

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MGS4 at Games ConventionKonami Digital Entertainment GmbH is to use the 2007 Games Convention at Leipzig to unveil key new information regarding its forthcoming METAL GEAR SOLID 4: GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS title for PLAYSTATION3. Series creator Hideo Kojima will be using the event to detail the ‘Beauties and the Beasts’ theme that runs through the game, and that is certain to bolster its reputation as one of the most anticipated video games of the coming year.

Hideo Kojima, head of Kojima Productions, will host a series of stage events throughout the show from Thursday to Sunday. A new trailer featuring unseen game footage will underline the ‘Beauties and the Beasts’ themes, and Mr Kojima will reveal four new enemies exclusively to Games Convention visitors. The Metal Gear Solid series has enjoyed a reputation for its unique ‘Boss’ creatures, and MGS4 takes this one step further with fully-rounded enemies with their own motives and manias.

The characters ? Laughing Octopus, Raging Raven, Crying Wolf, and Screaming Mantis ? are empowered with special, supernatural abilities and have individual back stories that outline how they have become the beings they are. All were initially good people who, for various reasons linked to events in the Metal Gear Solid series and events they have seen in countless wars, are now altered beyond all recognition both physically and mentally ? and are perfect examples of the ‘Beauties and the Beasts’ themes that run throughout MGS4.

As with its predecessors, METAL GEAR SOLID 4: GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS is a story-driven game, with seasoned hero Solid Snake drafted for one final mission. Set across stages including the Middle East and South America, the now aged Snake has been asked to assassinate his old adversary, Liquid Ocelot. To do this, however, he must make his way through a series of battlefields, using his legendary stealth abilities and all-new OctoCamo suit to avoid detection and to reach his target. With series favourites such as Meryl Silverburgh, Raiden, Hal ‘Otacon’ Emmerich, and Roy Campbell returning, and with all new gameplay features including a remote-controlled ‘Metal Gear Mk. II’ droid and enhanced CQC (Close Quarters Combat) system, MGS4 will round of the Metal Gear saga with a fittingly cinematic and gripping final outing.

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