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Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Review (PSP)

Snake’s first REAL outing on the PSP!

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops has finally arrived on the PSP in Europe. While it took 6 months longer than America and Japan it was certainly worth the wait. If you’re reading this after playing Metal Gear acid, don’t worry. This is Snake doing what Snake does best.

Stealth, strategy and big guns, they’re all here

The story starts in November 1970. This is 6 years after Snake Eater. Fans of Metal Gear Solid will know all about this. If you’re new to the series don’t worry, the game is a storyline all of it’s own so it doesn’t matter if you haven’t played previous games.

At the start of the game Snake is locked up in a South American prison after being kidnapped and tortured. He is now known as Big Boss and has walked away from the elite special forces unit known as FOX. He must escape and find the Philosophers Legacy introduced in Snake Eater.

I’m not going to dwell on the storyline any more than this as it is quite frankly boring. I love MGs but every single game has far to much philosophical opinions in it. Suffice to say that some old favourites are back, including Paramedic, Roy Campbell and Revolver Ocelot.

The franchise has ported to the PSP really well (not including the rubbish also known as Metal Gear Acid). Stealth, strategy and big guns, they’re all here. Everything that made Snake fantastic on the big consoles have made it to the portable version. With a few added extras…

In previous games you get to play as Snake and Raiden. In this game you can command whole teams of soldiers, after kidnapping and persuading them to join you first. If you play as Snake and die you have to start the level over. If however you’re playing as a soldier and you die, well no big deal, simply pick another soldier.

Metal Gear Solid:  Portable OpsEach soldier has different abilities and you can split them into teams depending on their abilities. These may include sneaking skills, technical skills etc. One group of soldiers are called spies. These can be sent off on their own to gather information. This is a great feature because it’s controlled by the computer. you just send them off to do their stuff.

The control engine in this game is a pain to get used to, and some of the camera angles leave a lot to be desired. Once you get used to them it’s not too bad though.

Possibly one of the game’s best features is the online play. You can build up a team and send them into cyberspace to kill other teams. You can also search for soldiers to recruit from cyberspace while you’re actually playing the game. This is really clever. The stronger your wireless signal, the better the soldier you get. You don’t even need to actually be connected to the wireless signal.

Overall this is a fantastic game for both Metal Gear lovers and people who are new to the franchise. Almost makes the PSP worth owning again.

The Good: Fantastic graphics, scenery and visual effects; Play as more than one character; Classic Metal Gear stealth and strategy;
The Bad: The controls

Metal Gear Solid:  Portable Ops Metal Gear Solid:  Portable Ops Metal Gear Solid:  Portable Ops Metal Gear Solid:  Portable Ops Metal Gear Solid:  Portable Ops 

Gold Y AwardGold Y Award
4.5 4.5 / 5

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