NBA 2K7 Review (PS3)

by July 3rd, 2007

Swish Swhish

Not playing any of the other title in this series, I found the controls for NBA 2K7 very hard to get used to. I’ve been told that the controls are similar to the ones used in previous titles. So if the other games have been played before, the controls would be easier to grasp. To prove my point, there are some moves that can be made in the game that are not shown in any instruction manual, in game or in box. The only way you would know of them is if you had played before. This was annoying, to say the least.

I too can be faking and drawing opponents away from the hoop with my outside j.

Saying that, the controls are the only gripe with this one. The graphics are tremendously smooth giving a great flow to the game. The lighting and shading effects on the court are second to none, with huge reflections from the court floor, and a background that’s almost real. The commentary is good and does not repeat itself with the same phrases too often, as can be a bore with games like this. The detail that the publishers have gone to is outstanding, encapsulating each and every player’s different style. Making an incredibly lifelike simulation.

There’s an endless amount of options to tweak this game any way you like, times, fatigue levels etc, etc. There’s also an extensive amount of game styles:
24/7: (This is where you follow a story line to prove that you deserve a place on the team).
The Association: (A franchise mode that contains 3 team trading).
Season: Street: Tournament: and Practise: modes are all self-explanatory.

NBA 2K7The practise area (where I spent quite some time) is a very good idea. This is where you and your team play on the streets, perfecting that slam-dunk. Standing next to the court is another team who can be ordered on with different levels of difficulty. Thus creating a nice friendly game. (Getting back on the controls gripe again, I found that moves were very easy to complete in the practise mode, but when the same move was attempted in the real game it just didn’t happen. This was frustrating).

2k sports have played a blinder by making use of the six axis controller for the free throw shots. This is where you have to pull the controller towards you then tilt it forwards to release the ball, keeping it level to try and score. The successful completion of this also depends on who in the game is taking the shot, as some players have better capabilities for taking free throws than others.

To sum up, if you have had previous time on the court with any of the prior titles in this series, and you liked them, you will love this. The detail that the developers have put into this game is amazing. The soundtrack is a sturdy one and is sure not to bore and the game play will have you coming back for more and more. I’m sure that with a bit more practise I too can be faking and drawing opponents away from the hoop with my outside j.

The Good: Supreme Graphics, good soundtrack
The Bad: controls hard to manage.

NBA 2K7 NBA 2K7 NBA 2K7 

Gold Y AwardGold Y Award
4.5 4.5 / 5
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