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Creators of Tumblebugs Announce Release of Jungo - big y

Creators of Tumblebugs Announce Release of Jungo

Wildfire Studios today announced the launch of their new casual game, Jungo?, a unique action puzzler. This is the latest landmark release from the creators of the bestselling Tumblebugs.

YARSntroducing the all-new Mega Match?, Jungo challenges players to use their keen eye for color and quick reflexes to make huge color groups and help Chase the cheetah save his animal friends from the clutches of his arch nemesis, the evil vulture Vargas.

?Jungo sets a new standard for unique gameplay and exceptional audio and visuals for casual games,? said Darren Baker, chief executive officer of Wildfire Studios. ?It has all the right ingredients. It is fast-paced and challenging yet simple to learn, immersive and extremely addictive. After playing Jungo and experiencing Mega Match, you will never look at color matching games in the same way again.?

Jungo retails for US$19.99. A free trial version is available for download at and the game will be available from leading game portals from June 27.

Key features of Jungo include:

** A seamless world of over 40 locations that take the player on an epic journey through sweeping savannah, lost villages, mighty rivers, thundering waterfalls, ancient temples, shadowy jungles, towering cliffs, and the awesome volcano

** Make matches of 10, 20, 30 and even more to score Mega Match!

** Stunning graphics and 3D special effects

** Thrilling powerups that harness the elemental forces of nature

** Captivating music, tribal sound effects and jungle ambience

** Lots of hidden bonuses to discover

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