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Heatseeker - Can you stand the heat? - 22 Heatseeker JapanSea Fullbac

Heatseeker – Can you stand the heat?

Codemasters today launches the dedicated Heatseeker website, complete with two all-new explosive video previews that are stocked full of fiery ammunition for any budding fighter pilot.

Heatseeker - Can you stand the heat? - 22 Cerebus Flogger 004 Heatseeker - Can you stand the heat? - 22 COcean VSFV3 001 Heatseeker - Can you stand the heat? - 22 Heatseeker JapanSea Fullbac Heatseeker - Can you stand the heat? - 22 Heatseeker SanSiarro1 YAK 0 Heatseeker - Can you stand the heat? - 22 HUD SanSiarro1 FulcrumV1 00 

Heatseeker - Can you stand the heat?Seeing is believing, so set your targets to and discover what this supercharged, blackout-inducing flight game has to offer as it prepares for take off in March 2007 for the Wii?, PSP® (Playstation®Portable) and the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system.

“There are some things which need to be visualised,” says Andrew, “I can describe the intense heat when you see your enemy’s SU-47 Berkut fighter jet ripped to pieces by your LRAAM missile in bullet-time slow motion but, you know, it just doesn’t do it justice. These videos are like having a member of the development team with you 24/7, ready to walk you through with real-time, in-game action”.

Codemasters also today confirms additional details of the PSP® system edition. With missions designed specifically for short-burst play, the PSP® version of Heatseeker is perfect for gaming on the go. Missions have been split down so that dead batteries or arrival at the destination doesn’t mean players lose large amounts of progress. Like a nuclear warhead, once launched, the next mission checkpoint is always 10 mins away.

Need a buddy to help you beat the seemingly insurmountable number of A.I. fighter jets in your field of view? Today’s friends are tomorrow’s enemies in Heatseeker’s wireless multiplayer mode for up to four players. Take your pick of the most advanced military flying machines and test your reactions when the F-22 Raptor on your tail (or the face in the cockpit of the doomed jet in front) is somebody you know.

Launching March 2007 for the Wii?, PSP® (Playstation®Portable) and PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, it’s time to get the first parts of your mission briefed in. Check out our new Overview and Impact-Cam? video previews and loads more now on

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