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Infernal - 21 25296 infernalpcdvd


Supernatural infernal powers, Big guns and Stealth, this looks like one to keep an eye on!

Infernal - 21 25295 infernalpcdvd Infernal - 21 25296 infernalpcdvd Infernal - 21 25297 infernalpcdvd Infernal - 21 25298 infernalpcdvd Infernal - 21 25299 infernalpcdvd 

Infernal“Infernal” tells the story of Ryan Lennox with a terrific tempo. You?re a top intelligence agent, but also a devil straight from hell. You use the latest hitech gadgets, hack computers, fight hand-to-hand or provide cover fire. And when all this becomes insufficient, let yourself use your supernatural infernal powers. Ryan Lennox turns into a ghost, feeds himself with defeated souls and every weapon in his hands becomes a truly devilish gun…

* Stunning mixture of shooter and stealth action
* Control a huge amount of powerful weapons as well as supernatural infernal powers
* Interact with your environment to overcome your enemies
* Use different styles of melee attacks
* Explore a great variety of different environments
* Use spy gadgets to explore you?re surrounding
* Different effects of useable objects in the human and in the ghost form
* Clever and well trained opponents that uses their environment in a unique way
* Gripping storyline
* Absorb the live energy of your enemies to heal yourself
* Usage of a great amount of different vehicles
* Enormous number of details and state of the art graphic design
* Influences and changes of the environment will also change the way you have to play

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